Top 10 GoPro videos on YouTube

September 15, 2014
Ever since the GoPro camera was invented, people have been making use of its durability and lightness by filming themselves and others doing crazy stuff and uploading it to YouTube. And so, the cult of the GoPro video was born. With everything from surfing and downhill mountain biking to skydiving and amazing wildlife, it was hard to pick just 10 favourites, but after hours of deliberation and furious debate in the EDGAR office, we just about managed it. Prepare to be amazed:

10. Mid-air plane crash

We decided to start the list off with a bang (literally), as this Hollywood blockbuster-esque video shows a mid-air collision between two planes, resulting in a huge explosion. Amazingly, everyone onboard both aircraft survived.

9. Fireman saves kitten

For something slightly less adrenaline-fuelled yet no less astonishing, this video shows a fireman rescuing a kitten from a burning building. Touching stuff.

8. Inside surfing with Alex Gray

Ever wondered what it feels like to surf the barrel of a giant wave? Well wonder no longer.

7. Downhill mountain biking street-style

OK, so this one isn't actually a GoPro video, but it's so cool we had to include it anyway. As if downhill mountain biking wasn't difficult enough, this street course features various obstacles including stray dogs and members of the crowd!

6. Jeb Corliss - Grinding the crack

Watch as daredevil Jeb Corliss comes inches from certain death, as he flings himself off the top of a mountain wearing a wingsuit, just missing a rocky outcrop and narrowly avoiding a collision with his friend on his way down.

5. Surfing with Alana Blanchard

Spend a day with insanely hot surfer chick Alana Blanchard and her friends. This video is pure bliss.

4. 'A grizzly ate my GoPro!'

Get up close and personal with a massive grizzly bear. And when we say up close, we mean REALLY close.

3. Canyon mountain bike backflip

This video features daredevil mountain biker Kelly McGarry performing a stunning backflip over a 72-foot canyon. Simply awesome.

2. Avalanche ski jump

These crazy skiers decide to intentionally start an avalanche, before hurtling off the edge of a cliff and parachuting to the ground below.

1. The world's highest skydive

Felix Baumgartner attempts a skydive from 24 miles high, breaking the sound barrier and numerous free fall records on his way down, all with a camera strapped to his head. We couldn't exactly choose any other video as a winner, could we? Details: visit