UAE Public Holiday Dates For 2014

April 1, 2014

If one thing unites the public and private sectors in the UAE, it is their unbridled love for public holidays. It’s easy to understand why these predicted yet not always confirmed days off generate such excitement; the UAE is touted as being just an eight-hour flight from two thirds of the world. That means the country doesn’t just stop working on public holidays; the people leave altogether. We’ve already burned through two days of public leave so far this year – New Year’s Day and the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday – so we hope you made good use of them. When are the remaining days off in 2014? We thought you might like to know that, so we’ve listed them below. *Note to any UAE newbies: Islamic holidays are dependent on phases of the moon with official announcements often made just days before they begin. As such, dates marked with an asterisk are estimates. But pretty good estimates we reckon. January 1: New Year’s Day January 12: the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday May 26: Israa and Miraj night * June 28: Ramadan expected to begin * July 28: Eid Al Fitr * October 3: Arafat Day * October 4: Eid Al Adha * October 25: Hijri New Year * December 2 and 3: National Day