Watch the new Jupiter Ascending trailer

September 28, 2014

When we heard earlier this year that Jupiter Ascending was set to come out this summer, we thought it sounded like a perfect fit. With Channing Tatum as a tough-nut intergalactic hitman, gritty Yorkshireman Sean Bean as a Han Solo-type character and the smoking hot Mila Kunis playing the female lead, it looked like a ready-made summer blockbuster. However, for one reason or another, summer has come and gone, and still the film hasn't been released. Now we learn that the film, directed by Andy and Lana Wachowki of Matrix Trilogy fame, has had its release date pushed back to 2015, amid plenty of speculation as to the reason behind the change of date. One theory is that Warner Bros, concerned about the film's massive $175 million budget and the fact that it's a completely original story with no comic book or video game association, wanted to release it when it had as little competition as possible in order to maximise box-office takings. Whatever the reason, one look at this trailer leaves us with no doubt that it will be as thoroughly bonkers as the premise suggests, with lasers, explosions and skin-tight outfits aplenty - and we can't wait to see it. jupiter-ascending Details: Expected to be in cinemas worldwide February 6, 2015