We've All Fallen Asleep During A Massage

June 4, 2014

The spa

The four-hour car journey,tricky Dibba border crossing, and troublesome mountainside off-roading are just three reasons why we wouldn’t recommend going to Zighy Bay for just a day trip. But, the real reason is because once you’ve persisted through all of that – and maybe even parasailed into the stunning hidden resort – it is just too hard to peel yourself away after just one day in arguably the Gulf’s most coveted resort. Check in for a weekend, you wont regret it. As with all Six Senses hotels, one of Zighy Bay’s main draws is its award-winning Spa. Don’t let the rustic, traditional Omani buildings fool you, this is a health centre of the very highest of qualities with a huge range of treatments, from wraps to head and body massages, and even detoxifying baths. It’s pampering in every sense of the word. Spa-Treatment-Room_[5060-ORIGINAL]

The treatment

With a cleared schedule and nothing but time to kill, it would seem amiss not to take advantage of one of the leisurely 90-minute Six Senses Signature Massages. Separated into four choices: Detox; Energiser; Holistic; and Oriental, we opted for the gentler holistic option – on a relaxing mini-break, why not. Having changed, I sat blissfully sipping a fruit juice in the relaxation room for what could have been minutes or hours waiting my private treatment room to be prepared – it is remarkable how much you can de-stress when you are so far removed from the towering office blocks and a diary full of meetings. The long, flowing movements of the holistic massage are enough to relax even the most uptight of CEOs, while the selection of aromatherapy options and oils only add to the soothing atmosphere – we fell asleep, twice. Details: Six Senses Signature Massage, AED 500 for 90 minutes. For more visit sixsenses.com/resorts/zighy-bay/