What do you see when Man meets Woman?

August 31, 2014

Sometimes, reality checks are best served through the most simple of forms. So when leading designer Yang Liu decided to tackle one of the oldest and most regularly debated topics, male and female, she used a colourful but ordinary graphic style. The outcome was the following pictograms in Man meets Woman, the first in a new series published by Taschen Books. Yet despite their initially plain appearances, the pictures go a long way to challenging age-old perspectives and stereotypes each sex holds against the other. Notorious clichés from men's lack of ability to multitask to women overpacking for holidays are presented with unreserved frankness, allowing the reader to question numerous topics in a wide spectrum from boardroom politics to bedroom antics. Take a look at some of the images: taschenmanmeetswoman taschenmanmeetswoman2 taschenmanmeetswoman3 taschenmanmeetswoman5 taschenmanmeetswoman6 Details: Man meets Woman is available to buy now at artspace-dubai.com. Visit taschen.com