Wood you have them any other way?

August 23, 2014

Hover craft

No, your eyes do not deceive you – these cubes are not touching each other. In fact, this table is made up of floating wooden cubes that are held together by a matrix of magnets, and tensile steel cables. Details: price on request, visit rockpaperrobot.com

wood2Travelling timber

Arguably the coolest laptop case we’ve ever seen, this Macbook Pro briefcase is hand-crafted entirely out of a solid sheet of bamboo. Details: AED 900, for more visit grasswood.co.uk

wood5Woody whiff

While wood is normally used in a perfume’s scent, Armand Basi’s Wild Forest takes it a step further by using it for the bottle’s design. Details: AED 250, for more visit armandbasi.com

wood6Style Rider

The Thonet bike is an Andy Martin creation made primarily of wood, and created using a technique called steam bending. Details: price on request, for more visit andymartinstudio.com

wood3In the shade

The range of wooden sunglasses frames from Shwood, could be the coolest thing to happen to shades since Top Gun. Details: AED 540, for more visit shwoodshop.com

wood7Cut above

Infinitely pleasing on the eye, these razor-sharp knifes from Ponti studios are as useful as they are a work of the highest quality craftsmanship. Details: AED 660, for more visit andreaponti.com

wood4Below board

If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece of art to hang in your office, these Below The Boat Wood Charts will do the trick. The laser-cut, hand-crafted works are carved from Baltic birch with incredible detail in layering. Details: AED 1,100, for more visit belowtheboat.com

wood1Body and the shape

How do you make one of the world’s most iconic guitars, the Gibson Les Paul, even more desirable? You have one custom made from a wood of your choosing. Details: price on request, for more visit gibson.com