Write Like The King - Uh Huh Huh

May 14, 2014

On December 21, 1973, Elvis Presley personally delivered a hand-written letter to the White House addressed to its resident of the time, Richard Nixon. The letter stated The King’s concern at the state of the country and, somewhat bizarrely, offered his services as a Federal Agent at Large to try and help improve the situation. As he didn’t write any of his songs, we’d like to think that this was Presley’s finest moment on paper, proving hugely worthy of the special edition Elvis range of pens from Montegrappa. Four pens illustrate different eras of Presley’s life, beginning with the aqua, representing the 50s – found, as it was on two-tone cars and early electric guitars. The green range represents 1958 and the year he was drafted by the U.S. Army. Black, meanwhile depicts 1968, the year off the Comeback Special and his iconic black leather outfit. Finally the white range is dedicated to 1973 and the special broadcast, Aloha from Hawaii. All models boast a very special 18k gold nib version, depicting a full length Elvis profile at the microphone. For the gold nib in aqua there are 21 – the age he was in 1956. For green there are 33 – the amount of films he made. For black there are 33 – his age in 1968. Finally, there are 42 in white, his age when he passed away. Details: Montegrappa Icons Tribute to Elvis Presley pens. Prices range from approx. AED 10,493 – AED 14,310. For more visit montegrappa.com