Your chance to own shares in Switzerland's oldest watchmaker

June 10, 2014

If there was still any doubt that crowdfunding has become a well-regarded form of capital raising by the more traditional forms of business, then let that be the end of it. And if you ever wanted to own shares in a Swiss watch brand, now's your chance. DuBois et fils, Switzerland's oldest watchmaker, is offering the option of purchasing shares to Middle East investors for the first time. The move into crowdfunding in this region comes after the horlogerie house broke new ground for the industry last year when it attracted 600 investors from 22 countries, raising enough capital to relaunch the brand - around $1.6 million. DuBois didn't even use a crowd funding portal. Using its established name it simply appealed to watch aficionados through its own website. Which is what it now plans to do in the Middle East, meaning you could soon become an owner in the oldest watchmaker in all of Switzerland. Pretty neat. Founded in 1785, DuBois et fils is renown for producing limited edition watches with only 99 pieces to each of its collections. Details: visit