10 reasons why you haven't been headhunted yet

Why are you missing out on all the big jobs?

Peter Iantorno October 16, 2014

The world of the headhunter is a mysterious one. Very few know his methods, motives and what he sees in a person that convinces him he's the best candidate for the job.

However, despite how little is generally known about headhunters, the fact is, if you want to land the really big jobs - you know, the ones that aren't advertised to the public and are generally filled before you even get to hear about them - then they're the guys you need to impress.

Here's where you could be going wrong:

1. You're lacking online presence

If you've not got a comprehensive profile uploaded to LinkedIn, your chances of being approached are greatly reduced.

2. You've got the wrong type of online presence

While an online presence is good, Facebook or Twitter profiles that show you in a less than professional light certainly aren't good. If you're going to allow personal stuff on social media, at least make sure your privacy settings are tight so your private life stays private. man updating social media profiles.

3. You're lacking qualifications

Although in reality it's not much more than a piece of paper, sometimes an extra qualification on your CV can be the difference between getting hired and getting ignored.

4. You do the bare minimum

It's all good and well being decent at your job, but if you don't put the effort in to doing the extra things like speaking at seminars and writing online articles, you're just like every other person doing well at their day job.

5. You don't network at events

As well as being known online, it's also important to get your face out there and meet people. Industry events are the perfect opportunity to do this. Exchanging business cards at an event.

6. You're not up to date

Setting up online profiles on LinkedIn and various job sites is just the start; if you forget about them as soon as you've done them and leave old versions of your CV or out-of-date career history on them then you may as well not have bothered in the first place. Make sure to go back regularly to keep things up to date.

7. You're in between jobs

It shouldn't be this way, but despite the fact that there are plenty of talented people not working, the sad truth is that if you're currently in between jobs, you're generally a less appealing proposition to headhunters.

8. You're difficult to get hold of

If you guard your contact details fiercely and make it hard for people to get in touch with you outside of working hours, your chances of being headhunted are drastically reduced. Give your card out at events and make sure to include your mobile number on there so you can be contacted outside of work. smartly dressed businessman using mobile phone.

9. Your peers aren't recommending you

One of the most common ways headhunters find their candidates is by recommendations. Short of asking someone to recommend you (please, don't do that), there's not much you can do about this other than making sure you maintain good relationships with your colleagues.

10. You've not taken the direct approach

If all else fails, you can approach the headhunters. Find out who the best in your sector are and approach them. However, if you ask for a favour immediately it's unlikely to go down well, so why not try recommending some of your peers for positions you're not interested in? All of a sudden, you're a valuable resource for the headhunter, and he'll keep you in mind should the right position arise.