10 reasons you're not yet a CEO

What’s stopping you from becoming a real life Gordon Gekko? Probably most of these.

Peter Iantorno July 7, 2014

Most of us think we have the skills, desire and commitment to become a CEO, so why hasn't it happened yet?

Well the truth is, in all likelihood if your career hasn't progressed as fast as you'd hoped, then some or all of the following 10 things are to blame.

1. You're not qualified enough

You can be the most talented, driven, inspirational person in the company, but if Joe Bloggs next to you has got a PhD in business management and you haven't, it's going to work against you.

So if you want to be a CEO and you thought that you were done with university essays then think again. Put in the hard yards now and it will pay dividends later in life. 42-21106577

2. You lack confidence

It's all good and well saying that you want to be the CEO, but do you really believe that you've got what it takes?

If you do then make sure you show it around the office. Challenge yourself and always be the first to take up extra projects if you think they'd benefit you and the company. By the same token, don't be bullied into doing things you don't believe are worthwhile; if you have an opinion then share it. 42-57330721

3. You don't network

There's a company golf day this Friday but you'd prefer to head out for a brunch with some friends instead. Or a few of the company's big wigs are heading out for drinks after work, but you're tired so decide to bail. Does this sound like you?

In all likelihood you won't miss a huge amount by not going to these events, but the fact of the matter is that you need to get your face known and hanging out with the bosses is a great way to do that. 42-21225770

4. You're not ruthless enough

We're not saying you should turn into a hard-nosed, cruel businessman, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake as you rise to the top, but a level of ruthlessness is definitely needed to become a CEO.

Being honest and trustworthy is essential, but if you're too nice then, sadly, you'll be overlooked when it comes to promotion. 42-19704785

5. You're not dressing the part

How are you ever going to become a CEO when you don't dress like one? If you show up to work looking the part then your bosses and colleagues will already subconsciously be seeing you in a loftier position than you currently are.

However, if you turn up looking like the intern who has just started his unpaid position at the company, then the likelihood is that you'll be treated like him too. 42-17578500

6. You lack imagination

You're completing all your duties with ease and performing to exactly the standards that are expected of you. That means you're the ideal candidate to remain in your job and not be promoted, because you're bringing nothing extra to the table.

A CEO is actively thinking of ideas to improve the company in all areas, and if you want to become one, you should be too. It doesn't matter if that doesn't fall under your remit; going the extra mile is the only way to get noticed in a competitive business environment. 42-53379695

7. You're not flexible

In order to become a CEO it is quite possible - and in fact very probable - that your working routine will be disrupted and you'll have to move outside your comfort zone.

That could mean leaving the job you've become very comfortable in because the office is close to home and you've made good friends, but there's a better opportunity across town that will see your career advance. 42-45556365

8. You're not persistent enough

If you've been knocked back for a promotion, the last thing you should do is go into your shell and think that's your chance gone.

The majority of successful businessmen have had their fair share of rejections, but the reason why they're now the boss is that they kept on going. 42-21333230

9. You don't pay attention to the details

If you're giving a presentation and the information is all there but the layout is a bit of a mess, it's not the end of the world, right? Wrong.

All that shows is that you're sloppy in the way you work, which is a characteristic that a CEO cannot afford to have. 42-22272649

10. You're not looking at the bigger picture

Although looking at the details is important, it's also vital to think of the company as a whole, and take that into account with the way you work.

You might think that your job has no direct impact on the fortunes of the company as a whole, but if you can add something tangible to the business then all of a sudden you become a much more valuable asset and your promotion could be well on its way. 42-52656544