10 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger

If you see too many of these characteristics in a woman, it’s time to close that wallet and get out while you still can.

Peter Iantorno September 3, 2014

The dating game has always caused confusion amongst men. On the one hand we’re told that a real gentleman always pays on dates, but on the other we’re worried that we’re being used for our money. And in a city like Dubai, filled with rich men and attractive girls with a penchant for fast cars, champagne and diamonds, it’s no wonder that gold digging is rife.

We know it’s extremely difficult to turn down the advances of a beautiful girl, but if she displays too many of the following 10 characteristics, we strongly urge you to run for the hills.

1. She’s far hotter than you

Be honest, is this girl really in your league, or is the thought of you as a couple the dating equivalent of Miranda Kerr and the elephant man?

In almost all cases, the rather attractive gold digger will aim for someone a few rungs below her usual standard to ensure that they’re so flabbergasted that they’ve been able to pull such a beauty that their defenses drop and their wallet opens. 

2. She only suggests expensive activities

Fancy a chilled-out day at the beach followed by a bite to eat and a couple of drinks? Not a chance with this girl. No, she absolutely won’t want to meet up in the daytime (unless it’s for shopping – more on that later), because that’s when she’ll be busy applying fake tan and filing her talons… sorry, nails.

And in the evening she won’t be happy with anything less than a Michelin-starred restaurant, followed by a wild night at the city’s top nightclub, complete with the finest champagne in the house of course.

3. She’s overly inquisitive

If she’s always asking questions – about your job, your apartment, your car, your parents – don’t for one second be fooled into thinking that you’ve finally found a woman who’s actually interested in something you have to say.

The only time a gold digger will be able to resist talking about herself for an extended period of time is when she has some sort of ulterior motive, which, in this case, is sizing up your assets and deciding if you’re worth the time and effort it would take to swindle you.

4. She doesn’t have any career ambitions

Ever wondered why when conversation finally turns away from how much cash you’ve got and on to her life and career, she has very little to say? Well, that’s simply because she already has a career: fleecing suckers like you!

She’s not got time to update her CV or apply for jobs, because keeping three or four wealthy men occupied is a full-time job in itself. 

5. She brings her friends

Why is it that you can never have a good night with just the two of you and you always end up ‘bumping into’ some of her friends? Oh yeah, it’s because she finds your company thoroughly boring and simply can’t stand to be alone with you for prolonged periods.

It’s not that you actually are boring, it’s just that gold diggers don’t tend to have that much knowledge outside of anything happening on MTV, so if your chat doesn’t revolve around Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she’s not likely to be interested.

6. She asks for gifts

One of the more brazen tactics a gold digger will adopt is to simply ask outright for things she wants. Gone are the days of subtle hints and nuances in an attempt to convince you to buy her something; now, it seems, there is no place for tact in a gold digger’s arsenal.

And it’s not just gifts, sometimes a gold digger will even be so cheeky as to ask directly for money – usually as a ‘loan’, just ‘for a couple of weeks’. You know you’re never getting that back, right?

7. She’s ungrateful

Most normal women would love a big bunch of flowers with a handmade card recounting a sentimental story about the time you met, but the gold digger is not at all impressed.

If it’s not made of precious metal and jewels or at least has the name of some fancy French or Italian fashion house plastered all over it, you may as well just not bother and write a cheque instead. 

8. She uses sex as a bargaining chip

We’re not saying that women should be putting out after the first date – on the contrary, a little mystique and a challenge only adds to the attraction. But when sex is being used as a bribe for expensive gifts and nights out, that’s when you know you’ve got yourself a genuine gold digger.

When Kanye sang, “It takes too much to touch her”, this is exactly what he was talking about.

9. She has a sense of entitlement

Lavish meals, wild nights out at exclusive nightclubs and expensive gifts are not treats for this girl – she deserves them. Or at least that’s what she believes, and she’ll do pretty much anything to get them – as long as it’s at someone else’s expense.

Ever think of suggesting you split the bill for once? It’s not going to wash with her – that minuscule Michael Kors handbag you bought her is too full of make-up for there to be any room for cash anyway.

10. She has a checkered relationship history

If her list of exes reads like an excerpt from the gossip pages of The Daily Mail, that’s a pretty big sign she’s a gold digger.

We know those double D’s make you want to look past the fact she’s been courted by half of the Premier League and an oligarch’s son, but a girl’s dating history rarely lies.