10 signs you shouldn't ask her on a second date

If too many of these things happen on the first date, you’d be wise to get out before it’s too late.

EDGAR staff September 30, 2014

A while ago, we showed you a simple online test to find out if you're dating a psychopath, but here at EDGAR, we're all too aware that crazy comes in all shapes in sizes, and some forms of psychosis simply can't be detected by filling in questionnaires.

Although the test we showed is undoubtedly useful in giving you an idea about a person's craziness, you can only really answer it properly after spending a decent amount of time with the person, by which point you may well be stuck in a seriousFatal Attraction-esque bunny-boiler situation.

But never fear, because here we've outlined some red flags you should be looking for on the first date; if you spot too many of these, you'd be wise to make the first date the last. And by the way, we've worded these as though they're about a woman, but most of them apply just as much to men, too.

1. She talks about the future

In general terms, a bit of chat about the future is nothing to worry about. But if the subjects of marriage and babies are broached on a first date, giant neon warning signs should be flashing in your brain.

2. Too much eye contact

Eye contact on a date is good - after all, you don't want someone staring down at their food all night. But we're talking about when eye contact goes beyond being engaging and turns into plain intimidating staring. staring

3. She asks about exes

What's in the past should be left there and a potential new girlfriend shouldn't have any need to know about your exes - especially on the first date.

4. She gets in contact immediately

Two minutes after you drop her off at home you get a text saying she really enjoyed the date - it's a bit quick but not unforgivable. You reply saying you did too and you'll speak to her soon, thinking that'll be the end of it. But the messages just keep coming, and coming, and when you don't reply she tries calling you... Now you're in trouble.

5. She stalks you on social media

Similarly, moments after you go your separate ways, you've been added on Facebook, followed on Twitter and Instagram and all your photos have been liked. Alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear at this point.

6. She has more than one cat

If she lives alone with only her feline friends for company, this is not a good sign. The term 'crazy cat lady' was invented for a reason... crazy-cat-lady

7. She drinks too much

A few nerves on a date are understandable, but if she gets so nervous that she can't stop herself from glugging back the contents of the bar's spirits shelf, it's probably not worth the aggro of persisting with a second date.

8. She wants to take a selfie with you

Two options here, and both are bad. Either she's taking a photo of you so she can show her friends and get them to judge you; or, more worryingly, she wants a picture so she can pretend to herself and anyone who'll listen that the two of you are an item.

9. She shows an aggressive side

She's all sweetness and light throughout most of the date, but the moment the waiter brings thousand island instead of balsamic salad dressing she bites his head off. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and you don't want to be on the wrong end of this short temper.

10. She's very forward

If she wants to jump straight into bed after the first date, no matter how unnatural it may feel to turn down her advances, you must. And if you really can't resist, at least make damn sure you have a fool-proof escape plan at the ready.