15 bizarre laws you'd never think were real

From driving blindfolded to jumping on land mines, you’ll be amazed that these laws were ever needed.

Peter Iantorno July 8, 2014

The subject of law is rarely one that raises a smile. Stuffy courtrooms with straight-laced lawyers arguing in an incomprehensible language is the image that often springs to mind.

But we've found some more light-hearted examples of the law that would make even the grumpiest of high-court judges smile. And before anyone writes in to complain, yes, most of these were created a long time ago, and no we certainly don't recommend you try to test any of them!

1. In the UK, it's illegal to place a postage stamp of the Queen upside down.

If that's the case, surely licking the back of the stamp bearing the Queen's head is even worse? 42-33629975

2. In Alabama, US, it's illegal to be blindfolded whilst driving a vehicle.

We can't think of many places where this would be tolerated, but we'd like to see the incident that prompted this law being made.

3. In the UK a pregnant woman can relieve herself anywhere she needs to, including in a policeman's hat.

We've all heard this one before, but the thought of a policeman doffing his hat to a desperate pregnant woman is too funny to resist. 42-36576540

4. In France, it's illegal to name a pig Napoleon.

But you can call it Commander Bonaparte.

5. If a dead whale is found on the British coast, the head is legally the property of the King, and the tail belongs to the Queen.

We're not sure where the midsection goes... 42-28570973

6. If you live in Denmark, it's a legal requirement to check underneath your car for sleeping children before you start it.

And if you find any you should sit and wait patiently for them to wake up of their own accord.

7. In Chico, California, the fine for letting off a nuclear bomb within the city limits is $500.

What a deterrent. Let's hope no power-mad North Korean leaders go there on holiday this year. IH109114

8. In Milan, Italy, everyone is legally required to smile - unless they're on their way to or from a hospital or a funeral.

So that's why Italians always seem so happy all the time!

9. In Kenilworth, Illinois, roosters are required to step back at least 300 feet from a residence if they wish to crow.

We can imagine the court case now. 42-17473829

10. In Cambodia it's illegal to intentionally jump on a land mine.

We're not sure there's a great need for a law to deter us from doing this...

11. In Alaska, US, it's illegal to wake a sleeping bear for a photo opportunity.

If you'd just broken this law, I think the court case would be the least of your worries. 42-43258755

12. In Canada, escaping from prison is not illegal.

If an escapee is caught he simply has to serve the remainder of his term. Those Canadians are so good natured.

13. In Australia it's illegal to force a kangaroo to drink any more than six bottles of beer.

Whereas five bottles is apparently fine. At least they know their limits. 42-33048494

14. It's illegal to die in London's Houses of Parliament.

And very inconsiderate too, may we add.

15. In Hong Kong, a wife is entitled to kill her husband if she finds him cheating.

However, she must do it with only her bare hands. 42-17402127