5 ways to become more interesting to women

Ever felt like you’re invisible to the opposite sex? Follow these five tips and you’ll have the ladies hanging on your every word.

EDGAR staff September 8, 2014

1. Be different, but not weird

There are millions of men out there dressed in button-down shirts, turned-up chinos and boat shoes, proudly sporting undercuts and beards that they paid a fortune for at some posh salon when any simpleton with a set of clippers could have given them the same look.

And guess what: they all look pretty much the same. And although they might be able to attract the standard airhead bimbo who's had one too many drinks at brunch, when it comes to a classier standard of female, the hipster-uniformed throngs may as well be invisible. Saying all that, we don't expect you to go out wearing anything too off the wall - as a guide, keep it simple and smart.

2. Be funny, but not a comedian

There's a difference between being funny and being a stand-up comedian - the main one being that the former is likely to get you plenty of interest from the ladies, whereas the latter will probably see you become bitter after getting all the laughs but none of the rewards.

While it's important to appeal to a woman's sense of humor by being a bit cheeky and perhaps cracking a few jokes during the course of natural conversation, hitting someone with pun after pun will earn you nothing more than a few cheap laughs. 1

3. Be nonchalant, but not ignorant

If you think you've met the woman of your dreams, whatever you do, do not become some sort of lap dog hanging on her every word and doing whatever it takes to earn her approval.

The only time a woman won't mind your needy ways is if she's a gold digger, but if the woman you're chasing happens to be genuine, this won't impress her one jot. Instead, keep it cool and relaxed and you'll be a much more interesting proposition.

4. Be confident, but not cocky

Every woman craves a confident man, but very few are attracted to cocky men. There's a fine line to tread between the two, and while being shy will badly affect your chances of success, overconfidence will completely destroy them.

Confidence is the ability to approach a woman you're interested in, talk eloquently, ask questions and listen to her answers, whereas cockiness is bounding over there like an overexcited dog and boasting about everything from your latest business deal to the mammoth gym session you did earlier, not even pausing for breath or to find out anything about her.

5. Be intelligent, but not a know it all

On a scale of intelligence from one to 10 - one being that you struggle to add up the price of a round of drinks and 10 being that you quote philosophers when explaining your choice of starter at a restaurant - you should be aiming to come somewhere just above the middle.

While women are clearly not interested in idiots, they don't want to be lectured on Freud's theory of attachment when they've come out to relax and have a good time either.