6 mistakes you're making every night after work

If you want to rise to the top in business, you can’t afford to keep making these six mistakes when the working day is over.

Peter Iantorno October 7, 2014

Think the business day is over as soon as you leave work? Unfortunately, the age-old nine-to-five workday is long gone, and nowadays everything we do, even in the privacy of our own homes, can have a direct impact on how successful we are. Doing the wrong things after you've left work for the evening can be just as damaging to your career as messing up while you're in the office. Here we've outlined six things that you need to stop doing when you get home from work if you plan on reaching the top.

1. Not getting ready for the next day

After a hectic and tiring day at work, all you want to do when you get back home is fling your bag on the kitchen counter and slump into the nearest chair. But if you can resist the urge to relax for just a couple more minutes and instead get your stuff ready for the next day, the prospect of getting out of bed in the morning will immediately seem far less daunting. Business tips.

2. Working too late

If you're checking your work emails and responding to queries late at night, you can guarantee that the standard of work you're doing will be far below your usual. It's important to have a cut-off point where you decide enough is enough, and whatever the problem is can wait until the morning.

3. Trying to ignore work completely

Even if you're determined to leave all the stresses of work in the office and forget about your job in the evenings, when there's a lot to do at work, relaxing can be impossible.

In this case, take 10 minutes to compile a to-do list that you can act upon in the morning. That way, you're not taking a lot of time to actually do the work, but you can rest, safe in the knowledge that you're not going to forget anything important overnight.

4. Eating too much, too late

By the time you've got home and got yourself organised, it can be 9pm before you're ready to sit down and have dinner. This is not good, as eating a big meal late in the evening will see you tossing and turning and struggling to get to sleep. In an ideal world you'll either be able to get home a bit earlier and cook for yourself or, even better, have someone who cooks for you. However, we know not everyone has that luxury, so if it has to be a takeaway, make it something healthy and light at least. Man vs food, Adam Richman.

5. Not having sex

If you think you've not got any time in your busy schedule to be intimate with your partner, think again. Because as activities go, sex is pretty much as beneficial as it gets. Not only is it vital for a healthy relationship, but it's also good exercise and will even improve the quality of your sleep afterwards.

6. Using your phone as an alarm

In the days before smartphones, this wouldn't have been such a big mistake. However, nowadays, with the increasingly addictive nature of a phone that offers the user a whole world at his fingertips, it can severely disrupt a good night's sleep. All it means is that the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night will be emails, Facebook notifications or other stimulants that will wreak havoc with your natural sleeping patterns. Instead, leave the iPhone in another room and rely on a good old-fashioned alarm clock.