7 reasons a Friday brunch in Dubai is like a child's feeding time

Messy tables, sugar highs and tears…the Friday brunch is a Dubai institution.

EDGAR staff October 9, 2014

In most cities around the world, if someone invites you out to brunch it would most likely be a casual affair with eggs benedict, croissants, coffee and orange juice served.

However in Dubai, the word 'brunch' takes on a rather different meaning. With free-flowing drinks and entertainment laid on, it's easy to see why the Dubai Friday brunch invariably turns into a full-scale party.

Yet despite all of the things we love about brunch, equally, we reckon that they share a few similarities with the rather arduous job of feeding a child. Confused? Read on to see what we mean...

1. You want to eat everything all at once

Much like a child will have no qualms about eating his alphabet spaghetti with a side order of chocolate sauce, at Friday brunch, it's deemed by many to be perfectly acceptable to have sushi, roast beef and raspberry macaroons on the same plate.

2. There's always someone who gets way too excited

The phrase "like a kid in a sweet shop" springs to mind when describing the behaviour of some people at Friday brunch. They're so overwhelmed by the vast array of goodies on offer, they simply can't contain themselves and end up getting way too excited. It's from this point on that many of the below start to occur... excited child in a sweet shop.

3. There are spillages

Anyone who's ever tried to feed a screaming baby will know that doing it without spilling food and drink everywhere is nigh on impossible, and it's the same with some of Dubai's more lively brunches. As boisterous levels rise, it's only a matter of time until a drink is spilt - just hope it's not red wine.

4. Tears

While an upset child at dinnertime is nothing to get surprised about, an adult getting upset over brunch is something slightly less expected. However, it's more common than you might think, often with big parties of ladies on their annual work brunch who have overindulged slightly and told each other a few home truths that they may come to regret the day after.

5. Sugar highs

Everyone knows that when kids eat too many sweets, they hit the roof, becoming incredibly excited and generally causing chaos until they finally run out of energy and crash. Now, when small children get a sugar high, it doesn't cause too much damage, but if a full-grown adult has been enjoying the chocolate fountain a bit too much, it's a recipe for disaster. Dubai Friday brunch.

6. It always lasts longer than it should

Think it's difficult trying to get a child to eat all of his dinner? Well, that's nothing compared to the difficulties the poor waiting staff face trying to heard out a crowd of rowdy brunchers at 4pm, when tables are still laden with drinks and guests are desperately trying to nibble on the last of the cheese and biscuits.

7. You need a strategy to do it properly

Much how feeding a child requires a very specific strategy, negotiating some of Dubai's grandest brunches is a challenge not to be undertaken lightly. We're told that it's prudent to focus on the high-value meat and fish and avoid excess carbs at all costs...as for the beverage stations, well that's entirely up to you.