7 situations when it's acceptable to lie to a woman

In these cases, not only is it acceptable to lie, but your relationship may depend on it!

EDGAR staff July 24, 2014

Most relationship advice columns would have you believe that lying in a relationship is an absolute no-no and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. But we don't completely agree with that. In fact, there are some situations where not only is lying okay but it's an absolute must unless you particularly enjoy nights alone on the sofa. We're not talking about lying to cover huge dark secrets - you shouldn't really be hiding any of those from your partner anyway - we're talking about the little white lies that make our everyday lives infinitely easier. So next time you get asked any of the following questions and you think the answer you're about to give might upset your partner, please, for your own sake and hers, lie!

1. "Do you find her attractive?"

Absolutely NOT! Even if you see Kate Upton frolicking around in a micro bikini in front of you at the beach, do not, under any circumstances, let on that you find it in the least bit attractive. Your partner isn't blind, and she can see that Kate Upton frolicking in a micro bikini would be attractive to any man, so flat-out denying this point might cause a problem. The smart move is to acknowledge her general sex appeal but go on to say that she's really not your cup of tea. Got it?

2. "What do you think of my new haircut?"


In this situation, saying that you hadn't actually noticed any change to your partner's hair, but it looks as nice as it always has might seem perfectly reasonable to you, but it could land you with a slap or a lengthy stint on the sofa. She has spent a fortune on this haircut and the fact that she even had to ask for your opinion has already irked her, so whatever you do, make sure to wax lyrical about how it really brings out her eyes. Tell her it suits her soft bone structure and you'll really win a few brownie points.

3. "How does it taste?"

42-21176857 Yes, you have every right to be angry that your other half has just cremated those succulent fillet steaks you bought and have been looking forward to all day, but now is not the time to share your frustration. It's important to appreciate that your partner put a lot of care and attention into cooking dinner for you and pulling her up on her culinary skills is not the best way to thank her. So grab that steak knife and start sawing.

4. "Does this dress suit me?"

42-23884836 You wouldn't be with your partner if you didn't find her attractive, but maybe you're not so keen on every single one of her dresses and you feel like she should know about it? But bear in mind that the time you're most likely to be asked this question is when you're already half an hour late for a restaurant booking, and revealing your true feelings about said dress would result in nothing but making you even later and putting your other half in a terrible mood for the rest of the evening. Simply nod and utter encouraging words.

5. "How was your night out with the boys?"

42-16530038 You had quite possibly the best night out of your life; you loved every minute of it and didn't think about your other half at all apart from the one text at 3am saying you're still alive. You want to share this fun experience with your partner, but you do realise that doing this would not only aggravate her, but it would also drop all your friends in it, who have been smart and told white lies about what a quiet and chilled out night it was. Don't be that guy.

6. "I'd agreed to meet a friend at the gym but I don't feel like it. Is it rude to cancel?"

42-59937431 Well considering this is the third time she's cancelled on the same friend this month, the honest answer is yes, it is extremely rude and if someone had done that to you, you wouldn't bother getting back in touch. However, at this point the honest truth would be doubly damaging, because your partner is feeling just as guilty about missing her workout as she is about letting her friend down.

7. "What are you thinking about?"

42-32078664 Undoubtedly the most loaded question in the history of questions, the dreaded 'what are you thinking about?' can trip up even the most assured of men. After she's just poured her heart out to you and you're looking on blankly thinking about what you fancy eating for dinner tonight, or how if you were a trained sniper that rooftop would make a great hiding spot, divulging this information would be relationship suicide. Instead, pause for a moment to regain your composure and try to regurgitate some of the information you managed to pick up from her ramblings.