8 things every woman instantly notices about a man

The modern man's guide to making a great first impression, because you only get one.

Peter Iantorno November 27, 2014

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression".

Nowhere is that more true than in dating, where you're assessed in terms of your potential suitability as a partner even before you've been formally introduced, and the slightest faux pas can severely tarnish your image.

But you don't have to enter into the metaphorical assault course of dating blindfolded, because here we've outlined some of the most important things - appearance or otherwise - that women will notice about you before you've even had chance to open your mouth:

1. Shoes

You might be dressed in a sharp tailored suit, but that won't count one jot if a quick glance downwards reveals a pair of scruffy-looking shoes. While some high-end trainers are okay for informal occasions, we find you can't go far wrong with a nice pair of formal monkstraps. monkstraps 2. Manners

You might think it's difficult for someone to appraise you on your manners immediately before they've even got to know you, but be under no illusion that how you conduct yourself during a meal will have a big effect on how you're perceived. If you're at all unsure, our evening etiquette guide is required reading.

3. Grooming

Yes, we know beards are in, and we think it's great that most women appreciate our natural inclination to a more manly jawline. However, that doesn't give us license to to abandon all thoughts of grooming, because untamed facial hair is a guaranteed way to put a woman off before you've even spoken a word. If you're struggling to master the bearded look, read our quick guide here.

4. Watch

Look, nobody is expecting you to be walking around with the most expensive watch in the world, but it's certainly true that your watch says a lot about your personality. Women aren't going to be impressed by some garish sparkly number, so wear something classy or nothing at all. smart man wearing watch. 5. Hair

For those blessed with a full head of hair, there are plenty of products that will keep it looking its best - as long as they're used properly. But please, if you're starting to go bald, do not persevere with an awful Prince Charles-eque combover in a vain attempt to retain your youthful looks. If there's one thing women don't like it's desperation, so just bite the bullet, shave it off and rock the bald look.

6. Tolerance

They say never work with animals or children, but if you're observed not being able to deal with either of these things in a gentlemanly manner - and by that we mean not kicking the dog that just chewed up your brand new shoes, and not freaking out when your friend's child puts his sticky fingers all over your iPhone - then you won't stand a chance.

7. Teeth

Some women demand the perfect Hollywood smile, some are happy just as long as you've still got a full set, but one thing that is for sure is as soon as your lips part and your pearly whites are put on show, their condition has been assessed and noted.

8. Respect

How you treat your elders - in particular your parents - will be a great insight to the lady in your life as to how you will treat her and others around you as you grow old together. In particular, treating her parents with the upmost respect - even if she knows you don't have the best relationship with them - is a must.