An essential guide to global business etiquette

The need-to-know info for any travelling businessman, with 35 tips covering 10 countries.

June 18, 2014

If you got into a taxi in Australia, would you know whether to sit in the front or the back? What if you had a meeting with a Chinese client, would you leave the room first? And if you were treated to a meal in India surely you would thank your hosts, wouldn't you?

Unless you are 100 per cent sure of the answers to all the above (by the way, they are: 'in the front', 'no' and 'no' respectively), then you need to check out this must-read business etiquette infographic produced by San Fransico company Zendesk.

With 35 crucial tips on 10 countries, it will probably save you from embarrassing yourself on your next overseas trip, and should therefore be treated as your at-a-glance business etiquette bible. Why don't you go ahead and bookmark this page, just to be sure. (click on the image to enlarge) etiquettelarge