How much should you tip in the Middle East?

An easy infographic guide to explain the minefield of tipping.

EDGAR staff October 23, 2014

Here at EDGAR, we're well aware of the value of excellent service, and certainly more than happy to shell out on a generous tip if we think the overall experience of a bar, restaurant or anywhere else for that matter merits it.

We're also very much aware that for many people in the service industry - especially in the US - tipping is absolutely essential to their livelihood, as it makes up a large part of their monthly pay packet.

Although that last point is a small bone of contention for us - why are we made to feel obliged to hand over our cash on tips, so large companies are able to get away with paying their staff less?

We don't want to dwell on that too much, as it opens up a rather large can of worms, and changing it would require such a large-scale industry overhaul that frankly, it isn't going to happen any time soon. No tipping receipt.

So that still leaves us with the issue of knowing exactly how much we should tip. To that end, this helpful infographic from gives you a general idea of the kind of tips people in each industry expect to receive around the world.

It says that for us here in the Middle East, we should be handing over an average of 10 per cent on top of our restaurant bill, although for anyone in the UAE or Qatar that figure rises to around 15 per cent.

Middle East porters expect to receive $1 or $2 per bag, and taxi drivers don't generally expect to get anything. Have a look at the full infographic below to find out what you should be tipping in other places around the world: Global tipping etiquette.