How to... be successful

We all aspire to have it; and most of us think we have reached it already, but what does it really take to be a success?

EDGAR staff October 24, 2014

Whether you’re driving around in your Aston Martin Vantage having just closed a major deal; out celebrating with friends at your usual table at Zuma; or planning to take your family skiing in Courchevel – success manifests in many ways. But, ultimately, real success depends on what you want to achieve.

Sara Ebbett, founder and director of lifestyle consultants Beau & Stellar, lays down the ground rules for becoming a better – and more successful – you:

Goal setting

The ability to believe in yourself is what will drive you to be a success. But first, you have to establish just what it is that you want to achieve. Once you have set clear goals, you should keep reminding yourself of them.

It’s important to give yourself the credit even if its feels as though you are not making progress at the rate you want. Create smaller goals along the way and monitor your progress. It is a long journey so be patient. set goals.


Every goal is fuelled by a bigger reason. Understanding that reason will help you qualify your actions and fundamentally understand yourself better. ‘What is it you want to be or become?’ is just as important a question as ‘What do you want to achieve?’

Meeting goals can make you feel like a million dollars, but if you can’t appreciate what you have achieved and the work and effort you have put in, you’ll constantly be looking to achieve something bigger, without knowing what ‘it’ is.


A healthy mind has a healthy body, so if you want to start feeling better about yourself, excercise and eat well. Visiting a nutritionist can help you understand what foods your body reacts well to and how you can tailor your diet into something that is healthy, and easy to maintain but won’t force you to completely give up all your vices.

Factor in regular physical activity that best suits you according to your health/fitness goals – if you hate working out alone, then play a team sport. Remember, commitment means being accountable for your actions – you can’t lay fault on work or your lifestyle. man at the gym.

Personal development

Every successful leader, sports person and entrepreneur applies various development tools to their daily lives. So, whether you are a budding partner in a law firm or running your own profitable business, you need to be able to engage and create rapport and trust with your peers, competitors and clients.

Dedicating time to your own self-development will see you reap the rewards regardless of if you want to be charismatic; looking to build confidence to present a big business pitch; or just rid yourself of the stress and anxiety that your lifestyle currently carries.

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