The 10 best-paid jobs in the UAE

Want to earn your millions? These are the roles you need to be in…

Neil Churchill October 19, 2014

For many, the UAE represents a tax-free land in which making your fortune and enjoying all the trappings of the good life is very much a reality. But if making money is your number one priority, what job should you have to guarantee you’re in the highest salary bracket in the region?

Thanks to the Gulf Business 2014 Salary Survey, now we know. For all you green-eyed monsters, here are the 10 best-paid jobs in the emirates (average monthly salary):

1. CEO/MD, multinational. Salary: $27,440.

Unsurprisingly, CEOs and managing directors of multinational companies take home the biggest pay packet, and that’s before their bonuses and benefits are included. If you work for a multinational in the UAE, keep your eyes on the prize...the prize being the corner office.

2. CEO/MD, local company. Salary: $19,945

A noticeable drop given the second spot is still for CEOs and managing directors, but that’s what happens when you go from multinational to local. Still, just shy of $20,000 a month isn’t bad going…Mohamed Alabbar, Emaar CEO.

 3. Banking, treasury manager. Salary: $11,892.

It’s not surprising that behind the big boss, the best paid job in banking is the man (or woman) in charge of the firm’s own money. Big responsibilities equal a big paycheck.

4. Construction, project manager. Salary: $11,686.

You’re in the right part of the world to be a project manager at a construction firm. With new developments confirmed on an almost weekly basis, it’s not surprising they can earn over $11,000 per month. Dubai construction. 5. Information Technology, manager. Salary: $10,976.

If you were classed a ‘geek’ in your school years then now is the time to feel smug. I.T. managers may well think those years of being outcasts were well worth it, now that they earn $10,976.

6. Human Resources, manager. Salary: $9,921.6.

Some people love them, others not so much. But with a sea of expats and an inevitable lack of knowledge on the country’s labour law, your HR manager is probably earning their keep. HR manager in Dubai. 7. Legal, lawyer marketer/manager. Salary: $9,715.

Are you also surprised a legal position wasn’t higher up than this? Some of those lawyers in DIFC work hideous hours, but they get paid pretty handsomely for it.

8. Banking, branch manager. Salary: $9,307. It wouldn’t be banking if it didn’t appear twice in a best salaries list. Next time you meet with your branch manager, remember they’re taking home over $9,000 every month. emaar square Dubai. 9. Finance & Accounting, manager. Salary: $9,178.6.

For some [us included] this job would send us to sleep and is the exact opposite of the saying ‘living your life to the full’. But then with their salary, they probably have pretty good weekends.

10. Healthcare, general practitioner/ manager. Salary: $9,166.6.

Didn’t your parents always say you should grow up to be a doctor? They knew what they were talking about, and what they were talking about was a good salary. Dubai doctors. Taken from the Gulf Business 2014 Salary Survey.