How to build your own personal brand

Read this advice from the experts at LinkedIn on how to stand out online.

EDGAR staff May 5, 2015

Building your own personal brand was once something reserved only for A-list movie stars and icons of sport. Steve McQueen made himself a brand. Michael Jordan signed a lucrative deal with Nike to became a brand. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is very much a brand.

But in the modern world of the digital age, a personal brand is something anybody can have. It's now common for writers, designers, artists and photographers to have their own websites, even their own logo. Instagram bloggers build their profile brands with perfectly filtered images, Twitter nobodies can have thousands of followers and some YouTube pages earn their users millions every year.

But for those not already there in building their own brands, there is always LinkedIn. The world's biggest professional networking site has gone from being somewhere you dumped your CV, to becoming one of the most popular job search sites and social media platforms on the internet.

Here is some advice from the experts at LinkedIn MENA, on how to build your own personal brand on the site.

Bring yourself to life

Use your profile to paint a picture of yourself that anyone, anywhere, can easily understand. Profiles with photographs can have up to 14 times more views than those without; make sure you choose a good quality, professional picture.

Your headline is important too – use it to speak directly to your target audience, with keywords relevant to your industry and field. Adding your skills, industry, and education can give you up to 15 times more views than if you leave them out.

Sell yourself

Your LinkedIn profile is the first chance you get to sell yourself to a potential new employer, client, or business partner, so make sure you’re showing yourself off to your full advantage. Use the Summary and Experience sections of your profile to demonstrate who you are and what you can do, including everything from experience to awards and achievements. Keywords are your friends! Using the right keywords will help to increase your visibility in LinkedIn and Google searches. Building your personal brand. Be an online extrovert

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to build your relationships, and to establish new connections with like-minded professionals, potential business contacts, clients, partners and more.

Start off by connecting with the people you already know, such as colleagues, employers, and customers, and ask them to endorse your skills and provide recommendations – a little bit of social proof can go a long way in helping you to catch the eye of future connections. Joining groups is important, too, and by being active in them you can increase your visibility by up to five times.

Proof is in the pudding

Tangible examples are invaluable as proof of your capabilities and claims, and they also provide the opportunity for more people to engage with you. Upload work you’re proud of, such as presentations, images, blog posts, articles and so on, to your profile to let people know that you can walk the walk as well as you talk the talk.

Show that you’re tuned into your field, that you know what’s happening in your industry, and that you have an opinion on it. Extra ways to increase your visibility include sharing relevant and interesting content, such as articles, news, or videos – or even by writing your own publisher post. Your network will appreciate reading content that’s valuable to them, and you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself as an expert that your network will turn to for insight.