How to quit your job in style

From quitting live on TV to jumping out of a moving plane, these are the most spectacular real-life resignations ever.

Peter Iantorno February 10, 2015

People quit their jobs for all sorts of reasons, from lack of advancement, to the need for more money, to just being plain sick of being treated badly by an employer.

Ninety-nine times out of 100, these resignations follow a fairly standard formula - resignation letter, working of the notice period, leaving - however, for some people, a normal resignation is simply not enough to get their point across. To truly let their employer know exactly how they feel before they bid their farewells, a few imaginative now former employees have thought of some seriously weird, wonderful and in some cases completely destructive ways to quit.

Of course, it must be stressed that burning your bridges so spectacularly as some of these people have is certainly not recommended, but we think you'll agree that it does at least make for a much more interesting story than a simple resignation letter. Here are five of the funniest resignations we've ever come across:

Joey quits
Joey DeFrancesco became an online sensation in 2011 when he released a video showing him handing in his resignation at the Renaissance Providence Hotel - with the help of a marching band... While this is a pretty safe way to assume you're never going to be able to work with the hotel or its management team again, by the sounds of the working conditions (which DeFrancesco describes in his damning assessment of the hotel in this video), that's not something he's interested in anyway.

So, after three-and-a-half years working in the hotel, DeFranceso, along with the help of marching band, the What Cheer? Brigade, handed in his letter of resignation to his manager to the backing of a loud and celebratory fanfare. The video, below, has since been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

Slide away
On the ninth of August, 2010, a JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to New York City was taxiing from the runway to the airport after landing when a passenger got up from her seat and removed her bag from the overhead locker. Following protocol, flight attendant Steven Slater requested that the passenger remain seated until the plane reached a complete stop. However, the woman ignored him, continuing to remove the bag, and in doing so, hitting Slater in the head.

Infuriated by this, Slater took to the plane's public address system, going on a profanity-filled rant, concluding with the statement: "I've been in this business for 28 years, I've had it, that's it." He then proceeded to grab a couple of cans of beer from the galley, swing open the plane's side door, deploying the emergency exit slide, and slide down to the tarmac below, before hopping on the airport's shuttle back to the car park and driving his car home.

Although it might have seemed like a glorious way to go out, later that day the police arrived at his house and arrested him. His case went to court and he was ordered to pay $10,000 in restitution to Jet Blue and given year of probation on a misdemeanor charge of attempted fourth-degree criminal mischief.

A sweet ending
While the first two resignations were examples of disgruntled employees giving a big two fingers to management, the story of Chris Holmes' method of quitting is rather more amiable. After the birth of his son in 2013, Holmes made the decision that he wanted to quit his job working for the UK Border Force at Stanstead Airport so he could spend more time with his family and focus on the baking business he'd been building in his spare time.

He knew that he had to hand in a letter of resignation, but he thought that as a parting gift to his colleagues, and also a way to announce to them all what his new venture was, he'd write that letter on a giant spiced carrot cake covered in flawless, paper-like royal icing. The brilliant resignation was picked up by news agencies all over the world, and suddenly the cake business he was leaving his job for had some serious interest around it. Since leaving his job, he made the business a big success and has never looked back. 

Dance off
In 2013, aspiring writer and comedian Marina Shifrin had lost patience with the late nights and sacrifice she'd given to her company, Next Media Animation, and was sick of meeting the tough demands of a strict boss hungry for high viewer numbers of the company's videos. She could easily have had a conversation with her boss, but instead decided to go down the route of putting her video-editing skills to use, producing a video resignation, below, which features her dancing along to Kanye West's Gone, with subtitles explaining her reasons for leaving the company.

The video went viral, and has received more than 19 million views to date. However, not as upset as Shifrin had perhaps anticipated they'd be, Next Media Animation released its own video response, boasting that the company has it's own rooftop pool, wishing her good luck and advertising for her vacant position.

Burning her bridges
In some situations it's difficult to quit your job without causing too much of a scene, and in the case of Charlo Greene, who resigned from her position as a news anchor on KTVA-TV live on air, subtlety was certainly not what she was aiming for. In September last year, Greene was presenting a report on the possible legalisation of marijuana in Alaska, when she suddenly outed herself as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, announcing that she'd be dedicating all her energy toward legalising the drug. "And as for this job," she said, "well, not that I have a choice but, f*** it, I quit!"

She then removed her microphone and strolled off the set, leaving a stunned co-presenter to apologise for the outburst and attempt to rescue the broadcast. The incident has since been viewed almost 13 million times on YouTube, propelling Greene to almost celebrity status and raising the profile of her organisation far more than a local news report alone. Have you got a funnier resignation story? Let us know in the comments below.