It’s official: Americans love Dubai

The emirate becomes the number one overseas spot for US jobseekers.

Neil Churchill July 30, 2015

For seven years, London was the first choice of city for American citizens looking to move abroad. But Dubai has just claimed that scalp. 

The emirate has come top in a recent study into the most sought-after cities for US jobseekers looking to work in a foreign land. 

Taking data from Google Trends for its research, Aetna International found that Dubai dislodged London from the number one spot in 2013. Paris was placed third, followed by Singapore and Rome.

Dubai had sat patiently in second place since 2006 before leapfrogging England's capital. 

Caroline Pain, marketing director Aetna International, said: “Compared with 2006, US citizens appear to be considering a far broader range of countries than ever before when it comes to working abroad. 

“Dubai has now overtaken London as the most popular city for Americans looking for jobs overseas.” 

Aetna International cited a report by the Financial Times that showed the number of US residents choosing to leave the land of the free to work abroad had consistently risen since 2008, with a record number of 3,415 people in 2014. 

The remainder of the top 10 cities most searched for by Americans looking to move abroad were Geneva, Cape Town, Ottawa, Warsaw and Amsterdam. 

There are currently around 50,000 Americans living in the UAE, making up 0.52 per cent of the country’s population. But if Aetna International’s report is correct, that number could be about to rise.