Morning Habits, part 2: Patrik Hoffman

The CEO of Ulysse Nardin builds his morning routine around strict time management, unsurprisingly. 

Matthew Priest June 29, 2015

Now be honest, how many tips did you pick up from part 1 of our Morning Habits series? 

All of them? A few? Not as many as you'd hoped? Well, that's why this is a seven-part series. We implore you to take what lessons you can from our chat with Alessandro Sartori, but if you only take a smattering of morning advice from each of the seven businessmen we are speaking to in the weeks ahead, you will still be all the more richer for it. 

For part 2, we're speaking to... 

Patrik Hoffman - CEO, Ulysse Nardin

As you would expect, time management is an extremely important aspect to the head of a Swiss watchmaker – a fact that the new CEO of Ulysse Nardin has built his daily routine around.  

What time do you wake up in the morning?

6:06am to the minute. I have been waking up at exactly that time for 25 years! I think it came from when I had a radio clock, and I didn’t want the first thing I heard to be the news broadcast, so I tuned it to just after. From there it just became a habit.

What is the first thing that you do?

Grab my phone.

When do you send your first email?

My first email goes out at 6:07am. 

Do you have breakfast?

I don’t tend to have breakfast during the week. I drink a lot of coffee and I am very particular with vitamins and have a set routine when it comes to taking those vitamins. For example, some should be consumed either 30 minutes before or after coffee. 

What about breakfast meetings?

I try not to do breakfast meetings. I consider them a waste of time. If it is the case that an important client or customer invites me over for breakfast, then I may do it as a courtesy, but otherwise I try to avoid them as they are ruin productivity.

Do you do any exercise?

Sadly, I don’t have time to do any exercise during the work week. Although, I do like hiking, so I have no problem waking up early on a Sunday and going hiking for six hours. It’s a very Swiss thing to do! I like to hike around Lake Beil where I live, which is exactly 42kms.

What are your morning media habits?

Everyday, I read a Swiss newspaper in hard copy and then I will browse four or five different newspaper apps on my phone. But a lot of the time you are reading the same stories in different newspapers, and that is an unproductive use of my time.

Tune in next time for the morning routine of a former banker who started his own eponymous jewellery brand.