10 absurd things rich people have spent money on

Heard about the man who spent AED 33 million on a number plate? Well, these people make him look like a genius.

Meryl D'Souza October 10, 2016

You may have heard of the Indian businessman who spent AED 33 million on the D5 number plate that was on sale at the Roads and Transport Authority's number plate auction in Dubai last weekend. 

Depending on who you talk to – and the state of the car – number plates can prove to be a good investment. So maybe Balwinder Sahani’s splurge on the D5 plate can be justified if he keeps his Rolls-Royce in working condition. 

Whichever way you slice it, though, you can’t deny that rich people have some bizarre tastes. Sure, they can buy whatever you want, but that doesn’t stop them from looking utterly ridiculous. Here’s proof:

What: Gold plated 747 Boeing
Who: Sultan of Brunei
Estimated amount: AED 1 trillion

One of the wealthiest royals on the planet, Hassanal Bolkiah had his gold-plated Boeing 747 tricked out with gold furniture for the measly price of about $520 million.

What: Personal building
Who: Mukesh Ambani
Estimated amount: AED 80 billion

The Indian businessman owns a 27-storey skyscraper of which six floors are dedicated to his car collection and a seventh for his very own car service station. The building also creates jobs. It needs about 600 staff to keep it functioning on a day-to-day basis and has only five people living in it.

What: Superyacht
Who: Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko
Estimated amount: AED 1 billion

The Russian billionaire spent about £260 million on a 300-foot high superyacht he calls Sailing Yacht A. The superyacht has eight floors, features an underwater observation room and is controlled from a touch-screen black panel in the bridge. 

What: Island for art collection
Who: Roman Abramovich
Estimated amount: AED 918 million

The world’s leading collector of modern and contemporary art splashed about £250 million on buying properties in New Holland island, located in the heart of St. Petersburg, to build an art museum for his escalating collection. Note that he only showed an interest in art after he began dating gallerist Daria Zhukova. 

What: Town in Bulgaria
Who: Scott Alexander
Estimated amount: AED 11 million

According to The Independent, “Britain’s vainest man” bought an entire town in Bulgaria that is home to about 1000 residents for $3 million.

What: A fund for a pet
Who: Leona Helmsley
Estimated amount: AED 7 million

The American businesswoman who was nicknamed “Queen of Mean” left a $12 million trust fund to her pet: a Maltese dog named Trouble. Sadly for Trouble, Judge Renee Roth of Manhattan Surrogate Court reduced the amount from $12 million to $2 million.

What: White truffles
Who: Stanley Ho
Estimated amount: AED 1 million

In 2010, the Hong Kong businessman bid $330,000 on a pair of white truffles in a charity auction.

What: Diamond teeth
Who: Lil Wayne
Estimated amount: AED 550,000

It’s not a grill. Those are his teeth. It cost him $150,000 but don’t worry, he brushes his diamond teeth every morning.

What: Jewellery
Who: Marquis Daniels
Estimated amount: Undisclosed

The former Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard invested in a custom, diamond-encrusted replica of his own head weighing in at over 1,300 grams of 14k gold paired with black, white and cognac diamonds.

What: Taxidermy horse
Who: Amanda Seyfried
Estimated amount: Undisclosed

The Hollywood actress confirmed she bought a taxidermy horse from Paris on the Jonathan Ross Show in 2012. The horse was said to be 3-weeks-old when it died and is bigger than Seyfried’s dog.