5 jobs that could make you UAE’s next millionaire

If you want your monthly paycheque to be upwards of AED 50,000, apply for these jobs.

Meryl D'Souza April 24, 2016

Most people spend a long time deliberating before settling on a career path, and often it is a decision between what wins in the money versus passion tussle.

According to a study last month by Gulf News, for many professionals looking for a job in the income tax-free UAE, the size of the paycheque matters most.

If you fall into that bracket and long to be the country's next millionaire, here are the jobs you should be looking out for.

This was genuinely one of Mark Zuckerberg's first business cards.

Bank CEO

Sector: Chief executive officer

Average monthly salary: AED 100,000

Salary range: AED 75,000 to AED 135,000

No surprises here. If you want to make it big, better start piling up those educational qualifications and putting in those years of experience in your field. But simply being hardworking with a ton of degrees isn’t going to help; you will need to work on a whole set of skills before you become a CEO. Of course you can bypass all of that if you start your own company and pull a Mark Zuckerberg.

Estimated time to become a UAE millionaire: 10 months (not including outgoings) 

Job: Chief marketing officer

Sector: Marketing

Average monthly salary: AED 95,000

Salary range: AED 80,000 to AED 90,000

A lot of professionals look down on marketing. Marketing isn’t just splashy ads, branding, and social media campaigns. It takes a considerable amount of expertise, time and energy to oversee and manage all marketing and sales functions in a business or organization.

Estimated time to become a UAE millionaire: 11 months

Job: Chief legal officer

Sector: Law

Average monthly salary: AED 77,000

Salary range: AED 60,000 – AED 106,000

Whether it’s due to a change in the law that may have an affect on the organisation they’re working with or suggesting oversight measures when non-compliance becomes a major issue, chief legal officers are lawyers who help rich men stay rich. But don't think you'd make an excellent lawyer just because you've watched every season of Suits. Though dressing like Harvey Specter doesn’t hurt your chances.

Estimated time to become a UAE millionaire: 13 months

Job: Chief financial officer

Sector: Accounting

Average monthly salary: AED 75,000

Salary range: AED 55,000 – AED 90,000

Certain companies prefer making their CFO their CEO. That’s how important the role is. You know how some people think of numbers as the bane of their existence? These guys make it their bread and butter. Budgeting, analysis, compliance, risk management and other accounting principals; these guys excel at everything most of us would run away from. That’s why they’re paid this much.

Estimated time to become a UAE millionaire: 14 months

Job: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) directors

Sector: Engineering

Average monthly salary: AED 62,000

Salary range: AED 60,000 – AED 70,000

Apart from learning and being able to perform in three separate disciplines of engineering, you’ll also need an MBA to reach that level of director. We’re surprised this doesn’t rake in more cash when you consider how much time and effort will have gone into getting those degrees while working tirelessly.

Estimated time to become a UAE millionaire: 17 months