7 reasons why taking a cold shower is good for you

From losing weight to better skin and hair, a cold shower is a grooming MVP.

Meryl D'Souza March 27, 2016

It’s okay to hate cold showers. We’ll never learn to love them as much as we cherish those warm showers.

Turns out, those warm and fuzzy showers do more harm than good. And as much as you think of that sub-zero shower as a prelude to the apocalypse, it’s good for you. Science says so.

It's not all doom and gloom though. You can start off with a nice warm shower, just make sure the last three minutes are as cold as can be. Here are seven reasons why you should embrace the cold:

Get that actor-like skin

Those hot showers aren’t helping you in any way. In fact they’re doing more harm than good by drying out your skin. A hit of cold water detoxifies your skin and prevents it from losing its natural oils — irrespective of your skin type.

No balding

A shot of cold water post-conditioner can make your hair appear shinier and smoother by flattening your hair follicles therein locking in moisture and increasing their grip to the scalp.

Become a dad

Cold showers increase testosterone production in men. Along with boosting a man’s overall strength and energy levels, that also enhances his libido. That’s not all, apparently hot tubs hurt fertility. A cold shower on the other hand increases fertility. Don’t let a shower come in the way of family planning. 

Lose that dad bod

Believe it or not, there are two kinds of fat in your body. One of them – brown – is actually good for the body because it generates heat and keeps your body warm. When you take a cold shower, these brown fats gets to work. Apparently, you could lose up to nine pounds (or four kgs) a year. Every bit helps. 

No more sick days off work

You may not know this, but your lymphatic system carries out waste from your cells. Alternating between cold and hot showers helps cleansing that system. Which in turn allows the lymph tissue to create white blood cells that keep your immune system strong.

Don’t feel sore

Athletes are accustomed to taking ice-baths after an all-out gym session. Understandably, you don’t have the time to submerge yourself in a tub full of ice, but a cold shower is the next best thing. The increased circulation can help repair damaged muscle or other tissue.

Turn up the blue to stop feeling blue

According to a study, cold showers can increase beta-endorphin and noradrenaline levels in the blood, as well as noradrenaline levels in the brain. For those of you who haven’t studied medicine that means a cold shower acts as an anti-depressant.