EDGAR at 50: A timeline of our cover stars

Looking back over a half-century of issues of the premier luxury magazine for men.

November 30, 2016

Five years ago next week, the very first issue of EDGAR Middle East hit the shelves. Leonardo DiCaprio brooded on the cover as he opened the batting in December 2011.

The stories inside included: the ‘new’ Tower Two at Dubai’s Grosvenor House, the fluctuating property prices of the Palm Jumeirah’s villas, the Range Rover Evoque, the ‘new’ Westin in Abu Dhabi and a profile on Amanda Seyfried.

Fellow Hollywood heavyweights followed such as Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and the two Roberts: Downey Jr. and De Niro. 

Sportsmen at the top of their game made appearances such as Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Usain Bolt – but never David Beckham (no, we can’t believe it either).

Music legends came along, as did men who are no longer with us but whose legacy remains strong. This month, issue number 50 is adorned by a man we feel is worthy of the landmark: Benedict Cumberbatch. 

With your support we’ll keep our eye on the ball and bat on towards a century. Thanks for reading. 

Number crunching EDGAR’s cover stars

Grammy award winners: 13 (Elvis 10, Bowie 3) 

Champions League medals: 9 (Cristiano Ronaldo 3, Pep Guardiola 3, Sir Alex Ferguson 2, Zinedine Zidane 1) 

Oscar wins: 18. Oscar nominations: 45

Tennis Grand Slams: 26 (Rafael Nadal 14, Novak Djokovic 12)

Olympic gold medals: 10 (Usain Bolt 9, Muhammad Ali 1)

Oldest: Charlie Chaplin, born 1889

Youngest: Daniel Radcliffe, born 1989

Tallest: Michael Jordan 1.98m

Richest: Elon Musk $11.6bn 

In memoriam

Men no longer living when on cover: 8 (plus David Bowie who appeared on the December 2015 issue and died in January 2016)

Dress code

Number of white shirts on the cover: 12

Ties: 19 (7 neckties, 2 bow ties)

Hats: 4

Glasses: 6 (including 1 monocle) 


Art: 2

Sport: 11

Music: 3

Screen: 23

Medicine: 1

Business: 3

Writing: 1 

Most appearances

Michael Fassbender: 2

Robert De Niro: 2 (both as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver


USA 24

UK 10

France 2

Spain 2

Australia 1

Austria 1

Brazil 1

Colombia 1

Ireland 1

Jamaica 1

Portugal 1

Serbia 1

South Africa 1

Switzerland 1