How to find every Google search you’ve ever made

Even if you’ve cleared your browser history to ‘the beginning of time’.

Meryl D'Souza September 15, 2016

Like it or not, Google has saved every search you’ve made. We’re not just talking about those recent ones that you’ll get rid of by clearing your browser history. No, every single one. Ever.

Whether you’ve done it through your phone, your office computer or your laptop, the tech gods at Google know what you searched for. And now they’re going to let you see for yourself because it’s more fun for the prey to know exactly how much danger it is in.

Sweating yet? No one likes to be reminded of their shady past. Some of us tend to cringe when Facebook reminds us of how we used to look. Thank goodness our searches are secure and not seen by people we know and meet on a daily basis.

Let’s say you haven’t searched for anything – to your mind – that’s shady. There’s still a very good chance you used Google to help you out with the silliest of things like “how to change my desktop wallpaper” or using Google as your spell-checker. Stop lying, everyone’s done it.

How to see your search history

If you know of the skeletons inside this closet, we suggest you make sure you’re alone at home or lock your door.

Not content with simply showing you the date and time of your searches, Google’s even broken them down into different channels right down to image searches, Chrome activity, YouTube history and even Map searches. 

The downside of Android

Have an Android device? Signed in with the same Gmail account? Well then, this page will even show you the apps you’ve used, how many times you’ve used them and where you’ve been on holiday.

How to stop this madness

There’s no way to say that Google will stop recording and storing your activity if you do this, but if it'll let you sleep peacefully at night then:

  • Click on the “Details” button at the bottom of each search.
  • Select “Activity Controls” from the pop-up box that appears.
  • Deselect what you don’t want recorded.