Obama and Seinfeld grab a coffee in a 1963 Corvette Stingray

The US President talks nachos, underwear and shaving as he lets his guard down in a hilarious skit with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Robert Chilton January 3, 2016

When American presidents leave the White House for the last time they usually retire to enjoy a quiet life on a ranch somewhere. But when Barack Obama leaves his desk in January 2017 it seems he’d be more suited to a career in the media, perhaps as a talk show host.

The charismatic President won more cool points last week when he appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s hit internet series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Each episode sees Seinfeld pick up a comedian in a vintage car and then observes them talking about life, love, comedy and many other topics over a cup of coffee. 

This latest media appearance for Obama follows his trek in the Alaskan wilderness with survival expert Bear Grylls on his show Running Wild, which aired on American TV in December. 

Seinfeld gained remarkable access to the President for the episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which you can watch in full above. He strolled around the West Wing’s corridors with Obama and slumped into a sofa in the Oval Office before they took a drive in a 1963 Corvette Stingray around the lawns of the White House. 

Here are nine things we learned from Obama’s blockbuster appearance: 

President Obama loves nachos. He eats them, he says, “until guacamole is coming out of my eyeballs.”

He doesn’t use an alarm clock. Obama is woken every day by a staffer ringing his phone. “I get a wake up call,” he shrugs. “Why not?”

He played golf with Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David, and was freaked out by the copious amounts of sunscreen used by the comedian. “It was dripping and caked all over,” winced the President. “There was big globs of it.” 

He’s picky about his underwear. Obama wears only one brand in one colour. He didn’t reveal which label he prefers, but we’re guessing he’s a Calvin Klein guy. 

Obama wears only blue and grey suits. He owns just one black suit and he picks out his clothes himself every morning.

Much to Seinfeld’s puzzlement, Obama shaves before working out each morning. Come to think of it, it is a bit of an odd habit. 

He has a big bowl of apples in the Oval Office. Packed with potassium, vitamins, and fibre they’re a handy snack for a man like Obama who, it’s safe to say, is on the go. 

He likens politics to American football. “There are a lot of players with specialisations. There’s a lot of hitting. A lot of attrition. But every once in a while you’ll see a hole and there’s open field.”

The White House canteen needs a lick of paint. We know staff cafeterias aren’t usually decked out like Michelin-starred restaurants but you’d think 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would have a smarter place for the President to enjoy a cup of coffee and a cookie.