Sorry ladies: Men pick bromance over romance

Not only that, but one in five men believe in bromance at first sight.

Meryl D'Souza November 16, 2016

The Spice Girls may have come up with the words: “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” but it’s men around the world who have made those lyrics their motto to live by.

According to research conducted by The Carnivore Club, six out of 10 men would rather hang with their best friend than significant other. The club used a rather small sample of 2,000 American men to conduct their research. But still, these findings are consistent with the facts and figures we talked about when we told you men would be willing to end their relationships for steak.

Sorry ladies, whether you like it or not, the bromance is real and not fading away anytime soon. As per the research, the average bromance takes about four months to forge but one in five of those polled believe in bromance at first sight.

The secret behind an unwavering romance? Food. It’s true, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. The survey found that a shared taste in food is crucial for male bonding with watching a game at home with food the top bonding experience.

Of course, the study went on to claim that women feel threatened by a solid bromance. That’s understandable, no woman signed up for something like this but men can’t be fussed. They need to spend a minimum of 22 days a year with their best mate.

Here are a few more things the study revealed:


Men may forget their significant others’ birthdays and auspicious occasions, but one in seven revealed that they celebrate bro-anniversaries.

The best bond of all

52 per cent said they look forward to hanging out with their best friend more than anything else in the world, while four in 10 claimed that their bromance is the strongest bond they have.

Friendship over relationships

Not only will men not cut ties with their friends just to please their girlfriends or wives, 36 per cent said they would break up with a partner if they didn’t approve of their best friend.


Like any relationship, the characteristic that defines a bromance is loyalty. One in four said their best friends should be willing to lie to another’s wife or girlfriend. No. Questions. Asked. 

Boys just wanna have fun    

Bros tend to agree with each other only 63 per cent of the time, but don’t let those difference get in the way. After loyalty, the most important characteristic that holds a bromance together is humour. So if they’re having fun, all is forgotten.

Ladies, don’t be too disheartened. Science says that all those boys’ nights out is actually how men deal with a reasonable amount of stress. The ‘cuddle hormone’ is responsible for bringing men together in times of anxiety and keeps them from blowing out.