The 10 most bizarre things to ever sell on the internet

Featuring Nordstrom's leather wrapped rock, a Dorito in the shape of the Pope’s hat and an imaginary friend.

Meryl D'Souza December 6, 2016

In today’s edition of weird news of the day, – an American e-commerce fashion marketplace – is selling a "medium leather wrapped stone". For those of you with a confused expression on your face, the item is a rock. Nothing more. The company behind the product, Made Solid, is selling it for a non-negotiable $85 per piece.

In case you think this is a joke, it isn’t. In case you think there’s something spectacular about the rock, there isn’t. This is just your average rock in a hideous pouch being sold at an exorbitant price.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time the internet has tried to con people into buying utterly useless things. Here are 10 of the weirdest things that have gone on sale on the internet.

Cow dung cakes
You read that right and it only gets weirder from here. The product that consists of animal excrement mixed with hay can be found on Amazon or eBay and would set you back a trivial $11.

Cornflake shaped like Illinois
Two sisters from Virginia successfully sold a single cornflake in the shape of the American state Illinois for $1,350.

Pope hat in the shape of a Dorito, an online casino, bought a cheese flavoured Dorito that supposedly looked like the Pope’s hat for $1,209. Worryingly, the chip was the subject of a bidding war and had a recorded 34 bids on eBay before being sold.

A grilled cheese sandwich with the face of Virgin Mary
In keeping with the Christian memorabilia theme, a grilled cheese sandwich that apparently looked like Virgin Mary was sold for a dizzying $28,000 in 2004. Again, it was that dropped the big bucks.

Justin Bieber’s hair 
In 2011, Justin Bieber gave a lock of his hair within a signed Perspex box to Ellen DeGeneres when he appeared on her show. A week later, the clippings landed on eBay and were sold for an eye-watering $7,000.

Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast
This one’s from the year 2000, but it’s a story worth telling. Justin Timberlake left behind a half-eaten piece of French toast at New York-area radio station Z-100 after appearing for a breakfast interview. The show’s DJ sold the piece on eBay for $1,025.

An imaginary friend
Georgia Horrocks put up her imaginary friend Bernard for sale for just $1.26 on eBay. Bernard would be sent to the buyer via imagination. It’s unclear if this was ever sold.

Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue
Back in 2008, Scarlett Johansson sold a tissue she used while appearing on the Jay Leno Tonight Show for $5,300. The proceeds went to charity, but still. Yuck.

Forehead ad space
Fret not those of you with big foreheads. Instead, learn how to make money out of it like one Andrew Fischer from Nebraska who auctioned off his forehead for 30 days. The man earned $37,375 to advertise for SnoreStop.

A man’s whole life
Ian Usher sold his entire life for $384,000 and used the money to move to a deserted tropical island in Panama with no electricity and 10 resident chickens