This Iranian man hasn’t showered in 60 years

The 82-year-old who dines on rotten porcupine and smokes animal faeces is looking for love. Know anyone?

Meryl D'Souza October 27, 2016

Pars, historically known as Persia, is referred to as the cultural capital of Iran. In 10th century BC, the ancient Persians in the region were rulers of the largest empire in the world under the Achaemenid dynasty, until Alexander The Great tore down that empire in 333 BC.

Today the province of Pars is home to nearly 4.6 million people from Persian, Qashqai, Turkish, Kurdish, Georgian and Circassian ethnicities. The province consists of little villages. One of them, Dejgah, is home to the dirtiest man on the planet.

Amou Haji told the Tehran Times he hasn’t had a bath in 60 years. Why? Because he’s afraid being clean will make him sick. A group of men once even offered to prepare Amou a bath, but the old man escaped. Not that he had to try too hard, we imagine. Not a lot of people would be rushing in to give an 80-year-old a bath when he hasn’t showered in 60 years.

Now, the mere suggestion of a shower gets the 82-year-old riled up. But it’s not just showers the man has a problem with. Amou hates any form of contact with clean water. Note that we said clean water and not just water. Amou consumes a healthy five litres of water per day from a very unhealthy, rusty oil can.

The eeriness doesn’t stop there though. Amou can’t stand the thought of fresh food either. His favourite meal is rotten porcupine meat. And when he isn’t scourging for food or drinking undoubtedly contaminated water, Amou relaxes and smokes on his pipe that is packed with animal faeces.

Don’t go about thinking he Amou doesn’t take care of himself though. He may have an unhygienic lifestyle but the man still does what he can to trim his hair. Of course, like most of his life choices, doing that is unconventional too. Instead of scissors and clippers, Amou burns his hair over an open fire. He decides on what needs to be trimmed with the help of a car mirror.

Amou’s choice of clothing is minimalistic. He stays in the same rags day in and day out. The only time he tweaks his wardrobe is during  winter - when to protect himself from the cold, he uses an old war helmet.

Amou doesn’t live in a brick home. The earth is his home. He takes shelter in a grave-like hole in the ground and stays in an open brick shack that villagers build for him during winter.

Legend has it that it was Amou’s emotional scarring from a very young age that has made him like this. We’re not even sure what his first name is. Amou – which is a term of endearment in Farsi that means “old man” – is a nickname given to him by the villagers.

Naturally, all his quirks have ensured that no one goes anywhere near the eccentric hermit. That hasn’t deterred his hopes one bit though. Amou is still on the look out for a doting wife who would accept and partake in his unconventional lifestyle. Know anyone who’d be a good fit?