20 Problems only people living in Dubai will understand

Like where is all your money going and why is Sheikh Zayed Road always crowded.

Meryl D'Souza May 17, 2017

There are certain things you cannot see when you’re on the outside looking in.

From the outside, living in Dubai seems rosy – and it is, for the most part – but it’s not like the city that is home to the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest mall doesn’t have its fair share of first world problems.

Here are a few anyone who’s lived in the city could relate with:

“What tax savings?”
Yes, Dubai is tax-free but after the shopping and the eating, people living here have no savings. And don’t give us a lecture about self-control until you’ve seen the stuff they have here.

“I’m late because I missed an exit on SZR”
This one is a nightmare. You miss one exit on Sheikh Zayed Road and you drive for eternity to find your way back. Sometimes, even Google Maps doesn’t know how to help you.

“I’m stuck in traffic”
You can’t talk about Sheikh Zayed Road and ignore the traffic. At least the cars around you are really expensive ones that you hope to own one day.

“It’s too cold”
You’re in the desert, everyone knows. But what they don’t know is that the buildings here have those air conditioners cranked up to frigid. You wear sweaters to work and carry a shawl or cardigan to throw on just incase you’re going to use public transport. 

“Selected the wrong address on Talabat”
Picture this: It’s Saturday night, you need to get into work early tomorrow so you think you’re going to binge watch Netflix and order in. good idea. Except you use Talabat or Deliveroo to place your order and realise that you put in your previous address. Now spend about 45 minutes of your evening on hold with their customer care.

“They’re done with constructing that building already?”
Dubai is big on construction. It feels like there’s something new being constructed every day. Not only that, they seem to erect new buildings in the blink of an eye.

"I’ve put on a few kilos”
Yes, Dubai has its fair share of gyms and fitness movements aimed at a healthy lifestyle but there are also way too many restaurants with every cuisine you can think of. It’s only a matter of time before you put on the pounds.

"I’m walking from Dubai Mall Metro station to the mall.”
We’ll just let the picture do the talking.

“I’m lost inside the mall”
Ever been to Dubai Mall? You deserve a medal if you can navigate your way around there without getting lost.

“Friday is brunch day”
What is a Friday without a brunch? Wasted, that’s what.

“I’m melting”
You were out for not more than five minutes but now you’re drenched in sweat. That’s summer in the UAE.

“The steering is too hot”
When you’re in the UAE for the summer, invest in oven mitts or really thick gloves.

“Fire drills are the worst”
That corner office on the 52nd floor is not looking too great now, is it?

“You took a cold shower? How?”
During summer, one can only dream of cold showers.

“Petrol is cheap”
So you thought.

“What is a ma’am-sir?”
Ever been to a fast food joint and have the person welcome you by saying, “Good evening ma’am-sir?”

No, seriously, is it yes, no, or maybe?

“What’s a Sharjah?”
If you live in Dubai, you’ll never feel the need to go to Sharjah, or even mention it.