Dubai Police will have a robocop by May

Officials hope robots will make up at least 25 per cent of Dubai’s police force by 2030.

March 14, 2017

Remember GITEX last year? That’s when we told you about the Dubai Police’s plans to recruit robots as part of its force that already features top-of-the-line supercars. Well, the first robot standing in line is scheduled to join the squad in May this year.

Officials announced the robot’s induction at the 11th International Symposium for Best Police Practices this week. Moreover, this robot will be joined by many more in the coming months with officials stating that they expect their new robot friends to make up at least 25 per cent of the force by 2030.

The prototype of the android unveiled at GITEX can scan faces and is equipped with a touchscreen, which can be used to report a crime and process fines for traffic violations. The robot cop can also salute and shake hands.

“We are looking to have more robots in future to handle policing,” said Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan, director of the future shaping centre at Dubai Police per Gulf News. “By 2030, we are keen to make robots around 25 per cent of the total police force.”

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, General Director of the smart services department at Dubai Police added that the force is also looking to have its first smart police station by 2030 – one which wouldn’t need any human employees.

Eerily, should everything work out, we’ll go into the year 2030 with a robot police force. That’s spooky because the movie I, Robot starring Will Smith was set in the year 2035. For the uninitiated, the robot police force in that movie turned out to be a threat to humanity. Don’t worry though, these AI cops won’t be a threat. Maybe.