UAE, Qatar ranked among world’s most expensive countries

Here are the top 10 most expensive countries to live in. 

Meryl D'Souza February 28, 2017

MoveHub, a London-based company dedicated to making moving abroad easier, recently carried out a survey that mapped out the cost of living around the world.

The costs take into consideration all your expenses like groceries, transport, rent etc., with the city of New York as the benchmark. The notoriously expensive city was given an index score of 100. Countries with a score higher than 100 are deemed more expensive than New York, while those that scored below are considered cheaper.

The list for most expensive countries to live in featured the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in the eighth and ninth position respectively. On the other side of the spectrum, Egypt and Syria were part of the list of countries with the lowest cost of living. Egypt was classified as the world’s cheapest country to live in while Syria ranked fifth. 

Here are the 10 most expensive countries to live in. 

10. Luxembourg
Score: 64.18
It’s no surprise that the cost of living in one of the world’s wealthiest nations would cost you a lot of dough.

9. Qatar
Score: 68.06
With the 2022 World Cup in their sights, Qatar has been on a spending spree. The country needs to offset that cost somehow. 

8. United Arab Emirates
Score: 68.39
Not everyone feels the pinch when they live in the UAE. In fact, few feel worse when they leave.

7. Bahamas
Score: 73.63
The idyllic island nation is great for a holiday, not so much for living on a daily basis.

6. Norway
Score: 74.47
When it comes to standard of living, Scandinavian countries are head and shoulders above others. That standard comes at a hefty price.

5. Singapore
Score: 76.57
We’re actually surprised Singapore is only number five on the list. After all, the city has been named the most expensive in the world for three consecutive years.

4. Iceland
Score: 80.47
Believe it or not, there was a time when Iceland was far more expensive. In 2015, the cost of living in Iceland was 21 per cent higher than in New York.

3. Hong Kong
Score: 81.93
With space at a premium in the incredibly crowded city, apartments are usually both tiny and pricey.

2. Switzerland
Score: 90.68
We expected nothing less from the most expensive nation in Europe.

1. Bermuda
Score: 126.34
A 300ml bottle of water in Bermuda will set you back by AED 8. Need we say more?