7 reasons to get over World Cup heartache

Has your team crashed out of the tournament early? Don’t fret – here are some reasons to be cheery.

Peter Iantorno June 26, 2014

The group stages are almost done and dusted and we can begin to taste the business end of the World Cup. But there have already been several high-profile casualties - Italy, England, Ivory Coast and champions Spain all have their bags packed.


It's already been a World Cup full of surprises, but the only thing that's for sure is that by the end of the tournament, fans of all but one team will be left with a similar feeling of deflation and disappointment.


But it's no use letting a World Cup hangover destroy your whole summer. Here are the best ways to console yourself if your team has been sent packing:



1. You can enjoy the tournament stress-free 42-46066508 Now your team has crashed out, you couldn't care less about the outcome; all you want to see is a feast of football from some of the best players on the planet.



2. You can catch up on sleep sleep It's no longer vital to see everything live, so you can kiss goodbye to those 2am kick-offs and reacquaint yourself with the comfort of a decent night's sleep.



3. You can look forward to the domestic season champions Remember that team you're so passionate about that they have you either jumping for joy or crying into your hands every week? Well, they still exist, and hopefully they're making lots of new signings to get you excited for next season.



4. More time to spend with your other half 42-50538024 You might be gutted at your team's early exit, but look on the positive side and realise that this might just save your relationship.



5. A break from Keys and Gray keysandgray The pair of pundits that just won't go away, Richard Keys and Andy Gray have survived a sexism scandal and come back onto our screens to work for BeIN Sports. We have enough of those two during the season, so a summer break is the least we deserve.



6. You'll be more productive at work work While your team was still in the tournament, in between reading match reports, watching highlights, checking injury news and writing on social media about the games, it's a wonder you got anything done at all. Now you have a chance to reply to all those emails and actually get some work done.



7. Wimbledon is underway Murray A proper gentleman's game, there's a reason why we've never had to make a list of our ultimate tennis villains like this World Cup one. The great Roger Federer may not have many years left in the game, so enjoy watching him at his most successful major venue while you can. In fact, why not check out our list of 8 quirky facts about Wimbledon.