Jenson Button gives Ronaldo a driving lesson in a McLaren P1

Watch the video of the TAG Heuer ambassadors hanging out together.

EDGAR staff September 4, 2014

What do you get if you combine a former F1 World Champion, a World Footballer of the Year, a 727bhp McLaren P1 and a few miles of uninhabited track at Madrid's Circuito de Jarama? Well, a damn good time by the looks of the video above.

The TAG Heuer ambassadors started the day with Button doing doughnuts in his bright orange McLaren supercar, while Ronaldo tried to boot footballs at him, with little success. Then Ronaldo joined the Formula One ace in the car for a few hot laps of the track, although at the speed they were going, we very much doubt that he managed to learn very much.

The meeting of the stars was in aid of the luxury watch brand's #DontCrackUnderPressure campaign. Although he might not have outshone Button on this occasion, we reckon that with a bit of training, Ronaldo would make a decent racing driver.

However, we wonder how good Button is with his feet. So if you're listening, TAG, we want to see a Jenson Button crossbar challenge next!

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