8 things we learnt from the Ronaldo film trailer

He does press ups with his kid and enjoys having a shower... Cristiano's biopic is coming. 

Robert Chilton October 1, 2015

Filmmakers have got far closer to Ronaldo for a documentary than any defenders on a football pitch ever have.

Released on November 9, the movie, cunningly titled Ronaldo, is made by the team behind the award-winning 2010 documentary Senna and the recent Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy.

Here’s what we gleaned from the intriguing trailer.

Ronaldo is a good dad – and his son is adorable.

There are frequent scenes of Ronaldo kissing and hugging his boy Cristiano Jr, helping him with his homework, and giving him a fist bump.

He had bad hair as a kid.

A few home video clips from Ronaldo’s teen years show him hugging his mum, celebrating a goal and sweeping the road. What was he thinking with that hair?

He like doing push-ups.

His son likes to come along for the ride too. So that’s his secret to looking so buff.

He’s got a hang up with this guy.

Lionel Messi appears in the trailer winking and pointing at the camera. Uh-oh, that old rivalry surfaces again.

Ronaldo idolises his mum.

And vice-versa. She pops up several times in the trailer, cheering his goals and keeping her fingers crossed as he steps up to take a penalty. 

Does he like a drink?

Ronaldo is famously teetotal, but one clip shows the soccer idol pouring a glass of what appears to be red wine. Maybe it’s for his friend and he was just being polite.

He’s emotional.

A clip shows Ronaldo on the phone, with the person on the other end (presumably his son) saying, “When are you coming home?” Cut to Ronaldo burying his face in his hands and weeping. 

He’s got a sense of humour.

When his son tells him he wants to be a goalkeeper, Ronaldo quips, “A goalkeeper? Are you joking?”.