"I want to be remembered as the best ever" - EDGAR interviews Ronaldo

The best footballer on the planet reveals to us the secret to his success.

February 15, 2015

Vintage year
Both individually and for my team, 2014 was a very good year – probably my best as a professional. I won the Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot and the Champions League, so it was pretty good! But I’ve had similar successful years at Manchester United and even at Real Madrid, so I always make positive assessments. Who knows, this year might be ever better!

Top of the world
The Ballon d’Or [awarded to the best player in the world] is the trophy that every player dreams of winning individually. Winning it in 2014 and 2015 was the culmination of a strong year and plenty of hard work. In fact, I have been voted in the world’s top three for the past eight years in a row – which is a sign that I have had an extraordinary career, and I am very proud of that. Cristiano Ronaldo Sacoor Brothers.

Top goal
I always say that the most important goal is the last one I’ve scored. I have had lots of brilliant moments, with regards to scoring goals, so it is not easy to choose one specific one.

Knuckling down
I’m very serious about my career, and have been since I was very young. I don’t feel a burden of being a role model, I just try to act naturally and be the best person I can be on and off the pitch, and that has been reflected in my career. Being nominated for awards and winning trophies, that’s the result of many years of dedication, hard work and professionalism.

Being the best
My goal is to be remembered as the best footballer ever. I want to be up there with the best in history – that is my aim and what I’m building for. Every year, I try and push for more, and have always improved. I am determined to keep doing that in the years to come, which is why I’m convinced that I will be considered one of the best ever. Cristiano Ronaldo Sacoor Brothers. Private parts
Juggling my work and my private life can be tough, as even when I’m not playing, recuperation is an important part of the job, but I’ve learnt to live with the time constraints. It is important to be part of the good things in life too. Depending on the situation, I spend time with my family, my girlfriend, my son and my friends, but it is also important to have time for myself, doing things I enjoy, such as swimming, doing stretching exercises and going to restaurants.

Values bind
It’s important to live by a set of core values. Commitment, dedication, family and the desire to excel in everything that you do – that is what I stand for, and that is why I have become the new face of Sacoor Brothers. We share the same values.

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