Mr Perfect: Milos Raonic

We interview Canadian star Milos Raonic ahead of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi.

Robert Chilton December 27, 2015

Milos, how do you stay so composed on court?

In important moments or when I feel I am losing my concentration I try to focus on my breathing. It’s helped me a lot to return my attention to my game.

Have you ever lost your temper in a match?

As a kid, plenty. I realised that my temper had to change to win so I worked hard to fix it.

Do you listen to a warm-up playlist before a match?

No, quite the opposite. I find that if I listen to music before the match it might get stuck in my head, so I enjoy the silence. Being a tennis pro means lots of travel.

How do you avoid boredom on the road?

Reading and movies mostly. I have also learned to love art, which has become a passion. Museum trips are always something I make time for in between training.

Are you disciplined about what you eat?

I have a very strict diet. I follow it most of the year except when I’m on vacation.

Do you have a food blowout when you have a good win?

I am still waiting on that real major win, but I promise you there will be much more than one blowout meal.

Apologies for the stereotype but, being a Canadian, did you dream of playing ice hockey?

No, I have never even skated on ice, which isn’t common for a Canadian to say. Actually I always wanted to play basketball in the NBA.

We have to ask about your talked-about hairstyle. It has its own Twitter account. What product do you use?

I use this clay I found in Australia called Muk. I go through three packs a year, which is not a lot.

Are you fed up of being asked about your hair?

Nah, the hair questions never get old.

Details: The Mubadala World Tennis Championships takes place from December 31 – January 2, tickets from AED 450;