Sergio Garcia: the modern golfer

Ahead of The Open we spoke to one of golf’s most loved players about the Ryder Cup, Seve and his foundation.

Neil Churchill July 16, 2015

Warm, fast Dubai

I love playing in Dubai. I hadn’t been here for a couple of years, but I am always treated really well and the weather is great. The courses are in really good shape and the greens are magnificent – in fact this year they feel even faster than before.

Dark Side of the Moon

I’ve been an Omega ambassador for 10 years now, and I like that it is such a global company. It mirrors my life as a professional golfer. It’s the kind of brand that is always going to be related to a good image, and you can’t really put a price on that.

I currently wear the Dark Side of the Moon watch; it’s sporty but at the same time still has that extra kick and is very sharp and light too.

Fit and strong

Keeping fit is very important, but I don’t over do it because you can hurt yourself, like we’ve seen with other players. Nowadays every single sport has become more professional; footballers today are a lot stronger than they used to be, tennis players have become fitter. If you’re fit and strong you stay away from injuries and make your career last longer. It’s that step forward that everybody has made. The fitter you are the better you can cope with all the travelling and extra playing that you do as a modern professional, too.

Seve was an amazing player. He helped me a lot early on.

Team sport

I say the word ‘we’ because it’s not just me; there’s a team behind me, my family. I always give them credit because they deserve it. Everything they do is to make my life easier so that I can do what I love doing, which is playing golf.

The Ryder Cup is so special

In Ryder Cup week you feel really connected to your teammates, more so than any other week. Everybody opens up and speaks with their heart on their sleeve. You build relationships in a Ryder Cup that are difficult to put into words. We know how excited everybody gets in Europe when it comes around and I just love it. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. 

The late, great Seve

I remember in 1995/96 as an amateur I played some practice rounds with him at the Spanish Open and British Open, and he was unbelievable. He was an interesting person, from the north of Spain which is a little different from the middle or south, a little bit rougher, but he was an amazing player and he helped me a lot early on. I’m really happy that I was able to at least spend some time with him and enjoy his company very much. 

The Sergio Garcia Foundation

Giving something back is key; I think it’s very important to. The Sergio Garcia Foundation has been going for around 12 years and we’ve tried to focus mainly on helping handicapped people, or other foundations that need some help.

We’ve run courses for handicapped people to get into golf, teaching not only how to play but also teaching the coaches, passing on the knowledge. To see the smiles it brings to them and how happy it makes them is something very special.


A few of Sergio’s favourite things…

Car: BMW M6
Watch: Dark side of the Moon, Omega
Restaurant: Anything in Spain, I love the restaurant in my home course in Castellón, but any kind of Spanish food does it for me
Favourite club in the bag: My driver, TaylorMade R15
Favourite golf course: I love my home course Club de Campo del Mediterráneo, but Valderrama is my top one
Football team: Real Madrid

Sergio Garcia is an ambassador for Omega watches. Visit