5 best and worst Premier League kits this season

Warning: Some of these kits are ghastly and may cause your screen to crack.

Meryl D'Souza August 28, 2016

With three weeks of action behind us, the 2016/17 Premier League season is truly under way.

By this point, you should have had the chance to see how well, or badly, your team is doing - or maybe after taking this quiz you're questioning if you are even supporting the right team anymore.

While it may still be too early to gauge who will take the title, it’s certainly not too early to say which one wins the sartorial trophy.

Here are the best and worst kits, ranked in descending order, from the 2016-17 Premier League:


Swansea City

Who’d have thought a turquoise kit would be the best looking one in the league. Swansea’s turquoise-to-navy away kit is easy on the eye and makes us want to jump on the next flight to Maldives or Seychelles.

Leicester City

Against all odds, the Foxes won the Premier League last season. Knowing that they now have to live up to that Champions tag, Puma have ditched the pale blue and opted for a jacquard pattern on the body and sleeves with gold stripes. The home kit design is capped off with a gold patch of the Premier League’s cup, lest you forget.

Manchester United

A shirt in two shades of red that is inspired by the green and yellow shirts worn by Newton Heath sounds like a disaster in the making, yet United’s subtle shades with a hexagon divider straight down the middle looks remarkable. Considering there’s no Champions League for them this season, maybe the kit is what appealed to Zlatan and Pogba.

West Bromwich Albion

It would seem like turquoise is the way to go this year. West Brom's away kit that features a black shirt is only enhanced with the turquoise pinstripes and gives the whole kit a bit of character.


Adidas have simply rehashed Germany’s World Cup-winning jersey with a different colour scheme for Middlesbrough’s away kit, but it works.

And the worst


Sunderland’s third kit is the only thing worse than their manager, David Moyes, telling Sunderland fans to prepare for a relegation battle so early into the season. It's like Adidas got lazy and decided to make do with a Hello Kitty wallpaper.  


Perhaps the only table where Tottenham can finish above Arsenal; Tottenham’s third kit is painful. The gold base feels like the team overcompensating for missing out on the Premier League last season. 

Arsenal and Liverpool

In a two-way tie for third-worst place are Arsenal and Liverpool. Fluorescent and neon have no place on football kits. These are the kind of jerseys that make viewers want to gouge their eyes out. Thank goodness they’re both third kits and we shouldn't have to see them too often. 


This is what happens when you let your fans vote for the away kit. What’s worse than the rhubarb and custard colours? The dab of green in the sponsor logo.


We could go into detail about why Chelsea’s home jersey is horrible, but instead we’ll let their fans do the thrashing: