Euro 2016: ranking the kits from worst to best

Find out which team is the most dapper of them all.

Meryl D'Souza June 13, 2016

The group stages of the 2016 European Championships are underway. There are 24 nations vying for the title of best team in Europe. Sadly, not all of them don championship-worthy kits. Here are the top 10 ranked from worst to best.

24. Russia

You know how much you hate those wannabe photographers who take one decent picture and then watermark it all over with their initials? Russia’s jersey was probably designed by one of those guys.

23. Romania

While we admire their determination on the field, perhaps Joma should have been less gutsy while designing this one. It looks like something Ronald McDonald would wear to a football match.  

22. Ukraine

The only thing worse than Ukraine’s plaid home jersey, is their plaid away jersey. And since when did football kits need buttons? Get it together Ukraine. If you want to know how to pull of plaid – or any patterns really – ask Adidas to get Pharrell Williams to host a masterclass. 

21. Albania

While we dig the Korean collar, the design is a let down. The panels that  - what we assume – are meant to represent a two-headed eagle look like handle bars of a bike. 

20. Republic of Ireland

The only thing worse than the garish green is the dab of orange all along the jersey.

19. Sweden

Unlike Ukraine, the lines of the Sweden jersey are less painful on the eye. 

18. Iceland

One look at Iceland’s kit and you’ll understand why you’ve probably never heard of Errea designing more kits. 

17. Northern Ireland

Fans weren’t too happy with their team’s jersey ahead of Northern Ireland's first international tournament since 1986. In a little over 24 hours since the jersey was unveiled, an online petition by fans asking for a World Cup 1982 or 1986 style kit gathered almost 6,000 signatures. We have to agree with the fans, but no one’s changing the kit now. 

16. Hungary

There are no risks with this one. It’s simple and – although we hate to say it – boring. A kid playing Pro Evolution Soccer could have designed this.

15. Slovakia

Like Hungary, nothing wrong here. Just feels lazy and generic. 

14. Wales

Again, nothing special to mention here. The inspiration for the shirt could have been England’s 2015 rugby kit.

13. Czech Republic

Puma got the tones absolutely perfect on this one. The logos in the middle work even though their placed one over the other. What don’t work though, are the chevrons pointing south. Wonder what they’re hinting at.

12. Switzerland

It’s distracting to see three logos duke it out for premier space on the jersey. Their away jersey is far more dignified.

11. Austria

The laser lines add a little spunk to the simple red jersey. The flag on the sleeve is a nice touch.

10. England

It seems like someone from the design team mixed up the socks for the home and away kit and decided to stay quite because the squads had already put the kits on. Additionally, the faded blue on the sleeves looks like an accident. Like someone – probably the same guy – couldn’t decide whether to go with navy blue sleeves, or stick with the classic white look.

9. Portugal

We can’t pick a fault with this kit. It’s looks decent, but considering the nation and the players, you’d expect Nike to step up and not simply rehash the design for England and France.

8. Poland

Keeping it simple with just the right amount of detail for that added flair. Very similar to this Polish team.

7. Italy

A perfect example to show that pattern on kits needn’t look as ghastly as Ukraine. The pinstripes on Italy’s traditional light blue add character to the whole kit. Sadly, they lose points for such a suffocating collar. 

6 and 5. Germany and Spain

Why make two entries for kits that seldom get in wrong. Both kits by Adidas are classics (or boring if you’re so inclined). Spain with their red and blue and Germany with their black and white. The Spanish shirt is patterned, but you wouldn’t notice it through your TV sets.

4. France

An England design rehash with a different colour scheme. Somehow, it works for France. The navy coloured sleeves simply enhance the royal blue shirt. And while we’re on the subject, we’re glad they made the switch from navy.

3. Belgium

There’s a lot going on in that Belgium kit, but the bold design works. Maybe they’re still trying to play the dark horse card, but that’s not going to work anymore. Everyone knows the Belgians can’t be taken lightly.

2. Croatia

When you think of Croatia’s design options, the colour scheme shouldn’t work. The chequered pattern should resemble a chessboard. It should be an abomination. Any yet, it isn’t. Instead, it’s quite beautiful. Nike have pulled off the impossible here with the flowing flag effect. They even make chequered socks look good.

1. Turkey

Undoubtedly the best kit for the Euros (maybe ever) goes to Turkey. The colour fade and the web-like texture come together spectacularly.