Five things Jose Mourinho will* do at Manchester United

You know, besides imploding and starting a dressing room war.

Robert Chilton May 24, 2016

In one of football's worst kept secrets, the Portuguese coach has finally been installed at Old Trafford, taking over from Louis van Gaal.

Always controversial, never boring, Mourinho will bring his own special brand of charisma to the Premier League. Hold onto your hats people, this could be a bumpy ride 


1. He will hug Wayne Rooney

Never one to miss a PR opportunity, Mourinho will surely try to engineer a photo with Rooney in which the two men are either laughing, embracing or high-fiving – or hopefully all three. Rooney may be in his twilight years but he is United’s captain, their talisman, their one bonafide superstar player and he is adored by the fans. Leave him on the bench and Mourinho will have war on his hands.


2. He will praise Alex Ferguson

Mourinho's respect for the United great is well-documented. He described the Scot as "a good friend, a good person, a fantastic sense of humour. I like him very, very much. 

Now and again I've had questions to put to him and the way he has answered to me was always magnificent and a great support." The Portuguese boss will no doubt seek Fergie's advice at testing times in his first season and heap frequent praise upon the man he calls 'the boss.'

3. He will reignite his war with Pep Guardiola

It would be safe to say Mourinho and Guardiola do not get along. The pair clashed on numerous occasions when they were in the hot seats at Real Madrid and Barcelona. Their rivalry will go from intense to nuclear when they face off in their first Manchester derby, which will be one of the biggest and most anticipated games in Premier League history.

4. He will say he loves the fans

Although it would be hard to not get excited at the prospect of Mourinho arriving to manage your team, there will be many sections of the United crowd who will need convincing. Mourinho will have to do serious buttering up of the fans if he is to succeed at United.

5. He will have a dig at Manchester City

Fergie may have invented mind games but Mourinho took them to a whole new level of Machiavellian mischief. We expect that pretty early on in his reign at Old Trafford he’ll aim some carefully crafted barbs at his sky blue rivals and may even echo Fergie's famous "noisy neighbours' comment.

*We can't be 100 per cent sure any of this will happen. After all, when it comes to Jose Mourinho, nothing is guaranteed.