Red Bull Cliff Diving must be the most photogenic sport ever

Dubai Marina will be a stunning location but it's got competition from Oman, Bosnia and Bilbao.

Neil Churchill October 24, 2016

When the world’s best extreme divers launch themselves off Pier 7 in Dubai Marina this Friday, falling 27 metres while performing tricks for judges before hitting the water at 85 km/h less than three seconds later, it will undoubtedly make for incredible viewing.

But that’s what the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series is all about. Sure, when Red Bull created the series in 2009 they could have built a diving board high above a man-made plunge pool, inside a standard echoing swimming venue with 5,000 plastic seats, but that just wouldn’t be the Red Bull way. 

Instead, the energy-drink-turned-extreme-sports company takes the competition all over the world, stopping at only the most stunning locations for its divers to do their thing.

This year, Dubai Marina has made that shortlist and it should make for a stunning spectacle, particularly as it takes place after sundown. But by no means will it be the most jaw-dropping location on the circuit.

In fact, it may not even be the most photographic venue from the Middle East. That accolade could stay with Wadi Shab in Oman, which held the final event of the 2012 series with an unbelievably tight and rocky drop.

Here are some of the most stunning locations of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series from over the years. If Dubai Marina's Pier 7 venue measures up even half as good, it should be a feast for the eyes. 

Bilbao, Spain

Aran Islands, Ireland

Texas, United States

La Rochelle, France

Polignano a Mare, Italy

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina