The definitive guide to skiing etiquette

Infographic: How to avoid committing the cardinal sins of the slopes on your ski holiday.

January 23, 2017

There's always a moment on your ski holiday where you have a moment of realisation. Or if you ski often, déjà vu. It's normally when you're at the centre of a run having just come off a lift. There's fresh power beneath your skis, the sun is shining, it's peaceful and in the distance below you can see the après-ski venue, a.k.a. your target.

In that moment you either realise or remember that skiing is arguably the most fun you can have on holiday, and by that definition therefore the most enjoyable type of holiday there is. 

Someone who probably wouldn't agree with you in that specific moment in time however, is the guy who's almost crashed into you as you stood still in the centre of the run. You see, skiing has etiquette. Sure, sunbathing by the pool, strolling a city's streets and trekking through jungles also come with their own degrees of manners and custom, but there's no holiday that comes with as much etiquette baggage as skiing.

With many of you undoubtedly heading for Europe's trendy resorts over the next few weeks, or maybe a little closer to home like Lebanon or Georgia, we thought it was the perfect time to examine the essential rules of skiing. As it happens, luxury travel site SkiBoutique has produced the handy infographic below outlining all the dos and don'ts of the slopes.

From not smoking on chair lifts to controlling your speed – yes even if you're like, semi-pro – these are the essential rules every skier should abide by. Now go enjoy that moment.