007 Grooming At 1847

If James Bond came to Dubai and went to a spa, he’d probably go to this one.

April 24, 2014

The spa

There is something very ‘secret agent’ about entering 1847. Instead of any obvious signage there is just a plain wall with a discreet button. When pushed the wall slides across to reveal the welcome desk and spa further beyond.

It’s a feature that appears on each of the brand’s five locations across Dubai and while it may out-fox you on your first visit, you can’t help but feel like James Bond once you know where the secret button is. Its original location in Emirates Towers – the other four are at Grosvenor House, JBR Walk, Mirdif City Centre and CityWalk – is a cocoon of calm and relaxation, offering an escape from the busy foyer nearby.

The dark wood panelling is mixed with a cream leather colour scheme, while multiple LCD screens run a mix of movies and news – all of which reinforces the fact that this is clearly for gentlemen only.

The treatment

Visiting on our lunch break with an important meeting an hour later, we opted for one of the shorter treatments – the 30-minute ‘Two Executives’. The treatment is a masculine spin on a manicure and pedicure, but it focuses more on overall care than just nail clipping.

Shortening the nails does happen of course, but only after your hands and feet have been washed and cleaned. What follows is a sedative routine of filing, scrubbing and exfoliating, punctuated with gels and creams to keep your digits supple throughout. We’ve never been the type to do things by halves, so while our limbs were being attended to we opted for the 15-minute Relaxer treatment – a gentle and soothing massage for the head, shoulders and neck. More likely to send you off to sleep than re-energise your muscles, it did its therapeutic ob and added to the pampering experience.

Did we feel any less macho for having a treatment traditionally associated in the Western world with the fairer sex? Put it this way: we had two women filing our claws and talons while a third soothed our weary shoulders, while we reclined on a comfy leather chair, feet up, with a TV screen in front of us. We’ve never felt more like a king.

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